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Q: What are all the rituals of Hajj duty? Why was the number of Tawaf’s circumambulations around the Ka’ba determined to be seven? 

A: The obligations of Tawaf are: Ihram (The state of ritual consecration during which the pilgrim should abstain from certain acts, such as not combing, not shaving, not observing sexual intercourse), Tawaf (Circumambulation-Turning seven times around the Kaaba), Tawaf prayer, Sa’y (A ritual act of Hajj, means walking between Safa and Marwah (two small hills), standing on Arafat mountain and Muzdalifa, Zabeh (slaughtering), Taqseer (Cutting one’s hair, clipping one’s moustache or beard, or cutting off the nails - hajj rituals that heralds the exit from the state of ihram), Tawafenissa (women’s circumambulation). In order to study well the rulings of Hajj in details, you can resort to our book on Hajj rituals. The Tawafs consist of seven rounds according to the narrations and Muslims have agreed unanimously on this number.