Istiftaat > Permissibility of masturbation
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Q: I want to make sure if masturbation is permissible or not? 

A: Masturbation is prohibited for men, but women do not masturbate because they do not ejaculate semen, according to what the experts have proved, but we do not encourage them to perform this secret habit.

Q: Why is it impermissible for a man to practice the secret habit?

A: The secret habit is impermissible for a man because it is considered masturbation, and masturbation is prohibited as it entails ejaculation. Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) said that: “Three kinds of people, Allah does not talk to them: the one who pulls off his grey hair, the one who masturbates and the homosexual person”.

Q: I would like a clear explanation as to why you have ruled that it is permissible for a girl to practice "the secret habit"? 

A: This has to do with what the issue of the ruling is about. It is not about the very act of practicing the secret habit, where it could be said that there is a similar need between both sexes. Rather, it is about the act of “masturbation”, which means excreting the semantic fluid. And since the experts in this field have found that women do not produce this fluid, it is not prohibited for them to practice “the secret habit”. Nonetheless, we recommend the abstinence from exercising this habit because of the negative consequences it leads to.