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Q: Is it necessary for the one who wishes to enter Mecca to perform Umrah, or is it enough for him to perform Ihram only? How could he end the state of Ihram? 

A: Anyone who wishes to enter Mecca should perform Ihram and then Umrah in order to end the state of Ihram. Regarding the single Umrah, the man should either cut his hair or perform Taqseer (cutting one’s hair, clipping one’s moustache or beard, or cutting off the nails - an act that ends the state of ihram), while, the woman should perform only Taqseer. Besides, both the man and the woman must perform Tawaf-un-Nisa’ (woman’s circumambulation: an integral part of hajj rituals). Upon the performance of this Tawaf and its prayer, sexual relation between man and wife returns to normal.