Istiftaat > Performing Haj duties during menstruation – 3
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Q: a- Is it permissible for the woman experiencing haydh to perform Ihram of Umrah al-Mufradah in case she knew that she will be obliged to authorize another person to act on her behalf except in Sa’y (a ritual act of Hajj, means walking between Safa and Marwah (two small hills)) and Taqseer (for women: cutting off the nails - a hajj ritual that heralds the exit from the state of ihram)? b- If it is impermissible for her to perform Ihram for the single Umrah, is it permissible for her to enter Mecca without Ihram in which her staying in the Miqat causes her big harm?

A: a- It is permissible for her to do so. b- It is impermissible for her to enter Mecca without Ihram. Therefore, she should perform Ihram and she can authorize another person to perform it on her behalf in case it is impossible to postpone it until restoring taharah.