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Q: I performed the duty of Hajj this year and I was in a state of Istihadhah. I abided by the ruling in performing wudhu twice, the first for tawaf (circumambulation) and the second for tawaf prayer. The mistake I committed is that I did not pray the tawaf prayer in the correct place and I did not pay attention to that until I finished my prayer. I asked the guide about that and he told me that my prayer was not acceptable because it should be performed behind Abraham's shrine. I asked him whether I had to repeat my wudhu or not, he told me no because the prayer was not accomplished. Did I have to repeat my wudhu? What shall I do if the prayer was not accepted? 

A: If you have prayed in a place which is near to Abraham's shrine, your prayer is rendered correct. But, in case there was a long period of time between the wudhu and the prayer, you had had to repeat the wudhu. If we suppose that your tawaf prayer was not accepted, it is enough for you to repeat it at your home.