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Q: last year, I went to Hajj and during Ihram in Mozdalifah, I pulled out a hair from my thigh without intending to do so. Then, I remembered that it is impermissible to do such an act and that I have to pay Kaffarah. I entered Mecca for the first time, coming from Medina, by a closed and not an open bus, while intending to perform Umrah. Then, I knew that I have to pay another Kaffarh. I would like you to tell me what is the amount of the Kaffarah that I have to pay and for whom should I pay it, knowing that I intend to perform Hajj again time this year and not to commit my previous mistakes that were the result of my ignorance of the jurisprudential ruling? 

A: The Kaffrah of pulling out a hair is feeding a poor person and the Kaffarah of Tadhlil (seeking shelter in the shade) is slaughtering a sheep.