Istiftaat > Paying Kaffarahs in Hajj and Umrah
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Q: This year, I performed Umrah and while I was performing Ihram, a small part of the skin of my thigh was scratched. I thought that it was a thorn stuck in my thigh, so I cut it without knowing that it was a part of my skin. In this case, is it obligatory for me to pay Kaffarah?

A: No, it is not obligatory for you to pay Kaffarah.

Q: Last year, I went to Hajj and during Ihram in Muzdalifah, I pulled out a hair from my thigh without intending to do so. Then, I remembered that it is impermissible to do such an act and that I have to pay a Kaffarah. I entered Mecca for the first time, coming from Medina, by a closed and not an open bus, while intending to perform Umrah. Then, I knew that I have to pay another Kaffarh. I would like you to tell me what is the amount of the Kaffarah that I have to pay and for whom should I pay it, knowing that I intend to perform Hajj again time this year and not to commit my previous mistakes that were the result of my ignorance of the jurisprudential ruling? 

A: The Kaffarah of pulling out a hair is feeding a poor person and the Kaffarah of Tadhlil (seeking shelter in the shade) is slaughtering a sheep.

Q: Is Kaffarah obligatory for the child in case he commits any forbidden acts during Ihram, such as Tadhleel (seeking shelter in the shade), while crossing the distances? 

A: It is not obligatory for him to pay a Kaffarah since he is not a Mukallaf.

Q: Is the Kaffarah obligatory for the one who was ignorant and forgot that it is impermissible to seek shelter in the shade (Tadhleel) while performing Ihram of Hajj or Umrah? 

A: The Kaffarah is not obligatory for the ignorant nor for the one who forgot that it is impermissible to seek shelter in the shade (Tadhleel) while performing Ihram during the day and while crossing the distance.

Q: Is it permissible for the family (such as the mother, children, or the brothers and sisters) of the person who has performed Hajj and had to pay Kaffarah in Hajj to eat using the money of this Kaffarah? 

A: The Kaffarah that is obligatory for the person performing Ihram to pay should be given to the poor and the needy and he can eat using a little amount of it only. However, if his households are in no need since he sustains them financially, it is impermissible for them to eat using it. In case his sisters or brothers are poor, it is permissible for them to eat using it.