Istiftaat > Making up for fasting days
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Q: I am a 19 years old girl; when I was between 9 and 13 years old, I used to break my fast due to my ignorance or because of being hungry. What should I do, especially that I do not know the number of the missed days? 

A: You should make up only for the days that you missed after you have reached the age of puberty (that is seeing the blood of menstruation or completing thirteen lunar years, equivalent to twelve years, seven months and twenty days). You have to make up only for the number of days you are sure you have missed, while you do not have to make up for the days that you are uncertain about. You should also pay the Fidyah (penalty) of postponing the days you did not make up for before the following month of Ramadan. The amount of the Fidyah is 750 grams of food for every day and it is precautionary recommendable to be one kg and a half of wheat or flour.