Istiftaat > Doubting the number of prostrations
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Q: During prayer, I doubt the number of prostrations (ruku’) that I performed … sometimes, I pray 3 prostrations (ruku’) or 5 prostrations (ruku’) …How to perform “Sahw” prostration, knowing that I do not know how to perform it and what its rulings are? 

A: The one who always has doubts in his prayer, does not have to care about his doubts. If he knows that he prayed more or less prostrations, his prayer is considered invalid. Each doubt has its rulings like if you doubt between the third and the fourth or between the second or the third prostration after the two prostrations or after the third or the fifth when performing prostration… such cases are explained in details in the “Al-Fatawa Al-Wadiha”. The Sahw prostration constitutes of two prostrations with Tashahhud and Tasl?m, then, one says during prostrating: Bismillah Wa Billah Assalam Alayka Ayouha Annabi Wa Rahmatou Allah Wa Barakatuh.