Istiftaat > Determining direction of Qiblah
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Q: If I am in an airplane coming from Germany to Lebanon and it is time to pray, how could I determine the direction of the Qiblah and is it permissible to pray while I am sitting in my seat, knowing that it is embarrassing to ask about the direction?

A: You may ask any of the airplane crew about the direction of the Qiblah or you may determine it according to your judgment. If they do not know the direction, you may pray in any place in the airplane where there are no seats and you should not be embarrassed, since, the travelers are accustomed to this. But if it impossible for you to do so, you may pray while you are in your seat, whereas, you have to head toward the Qiblah at least during Takbiratul Ihram and standup before prostrating and reciting.