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Ruling on female circumcision

Q: Recently, while I was surfing through the internet, I read about a strange custom which was condemned by all those who read it. This custom is "female circumcision", meaning, eliminating a part of the woman's gentile organ in order, according to their opinion, to protect her chastity and make her lose her lust because sexual appetite is confined to men only… After I read that, I condemned it and considered it as an ugly practice. I asked a woman who is experienced in religious studies and she told me that this practice is recommendable and not prohibited. Her answer astonished me. Besides, I was not convinced by what she said. I would like you to tell me what is the ruling regarding this issue? 

A: At a time circumcision is obligatory for men, female circumcision is neither obligatory nor recommendable, but it is deemed prohibited if it causes harm to women.


  1. Upon a recently awarded title; I fear they may be a place for such Victims in this world; besides acceptance. Having heard of this practice at 12 we sought to define it. It was impossible until the word was changed; many years later. This was a failing of Suffield and Georgetown as my final exam, we must solve this problem. The next task, is decided by you. The creation of the female warrior. There is no justice here; for genital mutilation. A term that took us 20+ years to define in the United States; a failure of English.