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Permissibility of traveling on foot

Q: In our country, there are some girls who travel on foot from their country to another one covering a distance that takes them approximately eleven hours. Those girls walk alone without a Mahram (close relatives: those whom they cannot be married with, such as brother, father, son, sonís son, grandparents, uncles, father-in-law, milk brother and son, step-father and grandchildren), knowing that, on their way to the other country, there are no Muslims, but only Hindus. This issue makes some pious men afraid that the girls may be exposed to any kind of abduction, abuse or any accident. What is the opinion of your Eminence concerning this issue? Do you have any suggestion for solving it?

A: If the womenís traveling from a country to another without the protection of men exposes them to danger, it is prohibited for them to travel without that protection, which must be provided by their families in the proper manner.