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Dog and tahara

Q: My dog lives inside the house with us. Are we supposed to use soil to clean ourselves after touching him or can we just clean the NAJAS with water?

A: Impurity because of touching the dog is removed by water and once is enough in this case. As to what needs to using soil,it is the pots that are used in eating and drinking. These pots should be purified by using soil that is mixed with a little water for once only, then with little water twice , or abundant water once.


  1. S.A,
    We have a small dog in the house and we touch him often throughout the day. Do we need to wash our hands prior to Wudu or is Wudu enough to clean the impurity? Also, we keep our prayer rugs away from him but what about the area that we lay the prayer rug on? Is it permissible for the dog to be in that general area? Jazakom Allah Kheir

    • The dog is impure and it Impurifies all that touches it if there is a medium of wetness. To purify the impurified place it is enough to clean it with water once. The prayer mat can be put anywhere if there is no wetness and the place of prostrating where the forehead touches the mat should be pure.