Title Date
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Racial profiling 2013-04-19
Renouncing Islam… and Christianity 2013-03-27
Why Germans distrust Muslims 2013-03-05
I do not debate with Israelis 2013-02-22
Islam and the West: How Great a Divide? 2013-02-07
An interview with head of the Humanitarian Dialogue Foundation 2013-01-16
Islamic-Christian Commission: “Israel” is judaizing the Arabic signs 2013-01-02
Job Bias against UK Muslim minorities 2012-12-08
A German seminar on the rejection of violence in Islam 2012-11-23
Sticks and Stones 2012-11-12
Anti-Islamic flyers in Australia 2012-10-12
“Innocence of Muslims” Freedom of speech or terror? 2012-09-15
Western campaigns against Islam: An objective view of non-objective stands 2012-09-04
Killing in the name of Islam 2012-08-17
Raising funds in the European parliament for anti-Islam groups 2012-07-12
Finland: The Supreme Court imposes a fine on a politician for offending Islam 2012-06-14
Belgium broadcasts an anti-Islam TV program 2012-04-28
Italy: The relation between Islam and the West dramatized 2012-04-24
Copies of the Quran vs. anti-Islam caricatures in Germany 2012-04-21
Jones launches yet another campaign against Islam 2012-04-10
Pope Shenoda… learned about Islam 2012-03-21
“Western prejudice” toward Islam undermines whole civilizations-- art wise 2012-03-10
A conference in London discussing racism and hostility against Islam 2012-02-29
An Italian MP warns from the threat of the extremist Islam 2012-02-15
OIC to convene a media workshop on facing Islamophobia 2012-02-13
The Islamic Community in Italy condemns the racist statements by the “Union of the North League” 2012-01-18
France vows vigilance on anti-Islamic actions, protection of religion 2012-01-04
A law that prevents the call to Islam in Azerbaijan 2011-11-18
A European conference discusses the phenomenon of Islamophobia 2011-11-03