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The Islamic Community in Italy condemns the racist statements by the “Union of the North League” party

Date: 18/01/2012 A.D 24/02/1433 H

Translated by: Manal Samhat

The Italian police conducted an investigation with Mauro Icardi, the representative of the party the “Union of the North League” and the advisor of the Albinia  municipality in the northern Italian Liguria Province in the wake of the statements he made, in which he attacked the immigrants and called for burning them. The leader of the Muslim Ligurian community, Zahoor Ahmad Zargar, declared that these provoking statements create hostilities and can never contribute in building a healthy society. He added that the Muslim immigrants cooperate in achieving the same goals of the Italians, the progress of the country and living in peace, for they have actually integrated in their new Italian society.

On another level, as soon as the project of building the first mosque in Genoa, north Italy, was announced, a committee was founded under the name “citizens against the mosque building”… The Municipality demanded to hear what the Imam of the Muslim Community in Liguria, Hussein Saleh, had to say about this project, but when he reached the Municipality, he was met with antagonistic slogans such as “leave” and “you are not welcome”. The “citizens against the mosque building” committee claimed that its opposition is based on the need of the neighborhood in which the mosque is to be built for many other utilities and not a mosque. However, Imam Saleh said that the building of the mosque does not prevent the building of other utilities or contradicts with them, especially that “we are in a democratic country and we have taken a license from the municipality to build the mosque.”

Such statements of Mauro Icardi are extreme and hateful. They are not accepted by any mind, religion or conscience. They also nurture an atmosphere of racism and hatred in the community and increase the people’s fear from one another; thus, they do not serve world peace or the dialogue of civilizations that many call for in the West.

On the other hand, Islam calls on the peoples to know each other and meet on the basis of dialogue and recognizing the other.

In a related context, His Eminence, the late Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah (ra) noted that we, as Arabs and Muslims, are facing a dreadful Satanic campaign in which the western circles play concerted roles, knowing that some of those strive hard to provoke religious sensitivities wickedly and hatefully, which best serves the interest of universal Zionism… We call on the aware scholars and the symbols of awareness, openness and knowledge in the Arab and Islamic world to exert every effort to confront the intensive media, political and cultural attack…

[Bayynat website, “Our stand this week” by his Eminence (ra)]

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