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The weakness of the European Union encourages the American Administration to persist in its aggressive foreign policy
Fadlullah: The role of the UNIFIL is to protect Israel

Date: 16/10/2006 A.D 23 Ramadan 1427 H

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, issued a statement in which he warned the International Community against condoning the American policy's stands that continue to violate the world's legitimate rights.

He added that the entire world is facing a problem because the American Administration continues to push the world to the edge of the abyss and drive it to adopt the choice of armament and violence, having targeted the countries and parties that oppose her policy, through conspiring on them or directly attacking them.

His Eminence said that the weakness of the European countries in front of the American offense that attacks human rights in more than one country in the world, especially, in the Middle East, represents a kind of encouragement for the American Administration to persist in its random and aggressive policy against our people, which can lead to another stage of American violence in the region. Unfortunately, the countries of the European Union have been driven out from the sphere of real independence and have also become the hostage of the American Administration in its general policy that it adopted in the Middle East or the United Nations …. This will also agitate the turmoil in the region, especially, in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries that will certainly be affected by it.

His Eminence added that: The current American Administration does not want stability in the region, because it aims at implementing its plot that is based on "violence and chaos". This administration is hypocritical when it tells the Arabs that it is going to revive the so called "peace process", especially, in Palestine. That is because the American Administration's new project is to explode the Palestinian situation and give Israel another chance to impose its conditions on the Palestinians. On the other hand, it paves the way for the Arabs to form an anti-Iranian axis, while at the same time, it calms down the situation between the Arab countries and Israel.

Fadlullah also said: Some say that Iran and Syria are intervening in the affairs of some countries in the region such as Lebanon and Iraq. But, although we do not encourage any one to intervene in our affairs for the purpose of agitating the situation in the region, the question that imposes itself is that: Why does no one talk about the American intervention in the region, whether, in Lebanon, Iraq, or any other country? It is as if they are saying: Why you are intervening to disturb the American policy? Just as if they want America to be free in disturbing the situation in Lebanon and Palestine and to continue its occupation of Iraq, while, they do not want America to be disturbed at all.

His Eminence also affirmed that the sanctions that are imposed on the countries and regimes, whether, by the United Nations or by the politically and economically powerful states in the world… these sanctions do not follow the path of the international justice, and do not adopt the objectives of the so-called "International law" which has become a weapon in the hands of the arrogant countries that drive it according to their interests…. Moreover, the Sayyed said that the sanctions that were imposed on Iraq during the era of Saddam, and that made the Iraqi people die of hunger and killed thousands of hundreds of children, are similar to the new sanction projects that represent new starvation projects and collective sanctions against other peoples. Therefore, the countries that claim to respect the human being should reexamine their stands concerning those sanctions that deeply affect human rights.

Fadlullah considered that the widening of the scope of Israeli violations in the South and other areas in Lebanon under the eyes of UNIFIL that does not interfere to stop these violations ... confirm that these forces have come here to protect Israel, not Lebanon, especially that they do not cooperate effectively with the Lebanese army. Therefore, it is the Lebanese people's right to put a question mark over the UNIFIL's role and to be cautious towards it in order to deal with it in a way that would protect in the first place Lebanon's security and peace.

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