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Canada allows wearing the Hijab as part of the uniform at work

Date: 28/11/2011 A.D 03/01/1433 H

Translated by: Manal Samhat

In a remarkable development, months after the discussions held with the members of the Islamic community in Canada, Bill Blair, Chief of the Toronto Police Service, agreed to allow the Muslim women to wear the Islamic veil (Hijab), giving them the right to keep their veils on in their workplaces.

This decision will soon become effective, and it must be noted that Mona Tabesh, who works as an Auxiliary officer at the Toronto Police Service, is the first woman to wear a Hijab in a Toronto Police Service uniform, which represents a token of assurance and a step to encourage other Muslim women to work in the police departments.

Moreover, the private restaurant at the headquarters at the Toronto Police Service will provide Halal food for the Muslim employees. It is worth mentioning that the British Police Services have made such a decision some time ago and many cities agreed to allow the Muslim women to wear the Hijab in while performing their police duties…

This is an advanced and civilized step which generally brings about relief, for it practically asserts the issue of respecting the civil and religious rights of the Muslim communities that effectively take part in building the societies they live in and consecrating the human and civilized values of interaction and inter-cultural dialogue.

In a related context, His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah (ra) sees that “Islam asserts the aspect of commitment in the movement of individual freedom, and prepares the psychological ambience for guaranteeing man's discipline in the face of his instincts at the same time, through a number of legislations that achieve this purpose. The Hijab is enlisted as a duty amongst other legislations that prevents man from experiencing an emergent psychological state as his instinct calls on him to satiate it, and he would take his position in the framework of integrated legislative restraints that renders moral discipline something possible and realistic…”

“Thus, the veil constitutes a means for significantly blocking all what sets an atmosphere of deviation.”

[Extracted from the book “The World of the Woman,” p:131]

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