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How to perform Wudu' (Ablution)

The Mokallaf (that is the one who should perform Islamic rites) makes the Niyyah (the intention), which does not have to be pronounced but could be made in the heart: "I perform Wudu' seeking nearness to Allah".

It is recommended to put a handful of water into your mouth and rinse the water thoroughly three times.

In addition, sniff a handful of water into your nostrils three times.

The Mokallaf then puts some water in the right hand and starts washing his face from the hairline down to the farthest end of the chin. As for the breadth of the face, it should be the area that falls within the expanse of an open hand between the thumb and the middle finger.

It is not obligatory for water to reach what is under the hair of the skin, whether it is the hair of the beard, eyebrows, or moustache.

When we finish washing the face once, we wash the right hand once and then the left hand once starting from the elbow downward, ending with the fingertips. However, it is recommended to wash the face and the hands twice.

After completing the washing of the left hand, the front of the head should be wiped before doing anything else, and it is better to wipe the part of the head with an area that is equal to three joined fingers, and it is not obligatory to wipe the entire head, and wiping the head should be with the right palm.

Wiping the upper part of the right foot should come next. The way to do it is by placing your right hand or palm on the tips of the right foot towards its end. The same should be applied to the left foot wiping it with the left hand. With this step, the Mokallaf completes his Wudu'.