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How to wait for Imam Al-Mahdi (aj)?

In the first sermon, His Eminence, Sayyed Ali Fadlullah, celebrated the birth anniversary of Imam Al-Mahdi (aj); the Imam of our age.

He explained that the reappearance the Imam is not a dream, but a reality that has been established by the prophets and the Imams. He, then, detailed the reasons for awaiting an Imam whose time of appearance remains unknown. The first is to give hope to the oppressed and the downtrodden, the second is to pursue the goals of whom we are waiting for, and the third is to arm ourselves with the ability of seeing things clearly; thus, always standing with the right and against falsehood.

Moreover, awaiting the Imam means that those who support him ought to be ready and to prepare the solid ground for his reappearance by standing with the downtrodden against the arrogant and rejecting any kind of injustice, backed with science so as to create a progressive society that has no place for backwardness. We should not waste our time by counting the days and looking for signs which signify that his reappearance is imminent.

There have been many occasions in which it was said that the time for his reappearance has come, and then when it was proven wrong, no one stopped to reconsider and hold himself accountable for wasting people’s time and undermining their potentials. The same thing is being repeated now, despite the fact that his reappearance is part of the unseen which only Allah is aware of.

The Sayyed ended by calling on the people to make this occasion one of joy coupled with hard work to ensure that the word of Allah is the highest.