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Between fearing Allah and the mentality of Pharaoh

In the era of Prophet Musa, his people used to suffer from two persons. The first is Pharaoh who turned them into slaves, which made the Prophet include in his demand to take the children of Israel with him freeing them of their slavery and all the practices of Pharaoh who used to kill their children and enslave their women.

Commemorating religious ceremonies between the historic awareness and the intellectual rigidity

Some people might wonder: for what reason is this insistence on commemorating certain religious occasions and focusing on particular Islamic figures?

The Battle of Badr: how a small force defeats a larger one if armed with faith and trust in God

The Muslims who were in Medina, having left Mecca after suffering from all kinds of torture and persecution, were eager to fight the pagans. And this was the battle, which they were able to win despite that they were few in number and very ill equipped...

The conquest of Mecca

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah discussed the political significance of the treaty of Hudaibiya, considering the conquest of Mecca a manifest victory, as it is stated in the Holy Quran

Islam, a message of pluralism and diversity Bilal Al-Habashi, a model

The message of pluralism and tolerance which is preached by Islam is evident since the very commencement of the religion. It is clearly indicated in the Holy Quran that Allah and His Messenger (p) has a respect for diversity.

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