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29/01/2013 A.D 17/3/1434 H


Assalamu alaikum
may Allah (swt) have mercy and be pleased with Sayyid fadlallah
I wanted to ask about the view of the Sayyid about the incident of the house of fatima zahra (as) being threated to be burnt, especially when narrations of this incident can be found in both shia and sunni books.
I know the answer could be lengthy, so if time is limited can you please send a website link with the answer.
I would like to add that I am not asking to find fault or anything of such sort. I just want to hear a reliable source from the thoughts of Sayyid fadlallah who a respect very much.
I would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to the Sayyid for the great things he has done for this ummah and also thank this website for being so helpful.
Fi Amanillah


Both Sunni and Shiite scholars have handled the oppressive acts inflicted upon our lady, Sayyeda Fatima Az-Zahraa (a.s.), and we would not be exaggerating if we said that the narrations which deal with her sufferings are detailed and concurrent, and they could even be successive [of reliable and trustworthy chain of narratives]. We do not deny these issues and we never seek to acquit their perpetrators, especially when it comes to denying her right to Fadak and denying the right of her husband, the Commander of the Faithful, Ali (a.s.) to the caliphate. However, there are some incidents which was said she was subjected to that we are not sure of in a conclusive manner, such as the issue of burning her house down, breaking her rib, causing the abortion of her baby, and slapping her on the cheek and hitting her, and other narrations that reached us and whose texts and chain of authorities could be questioned. It is irrational and not possible that Imam Ali (a.s.) did not defend his wife whom the Messenger of Allah (p.) had entrusted him with, and who was a part of the Prophet (p.) and his (p.) beloved infallible daughter, and did not protect her from whosoever sought to hurt her and offend her under the intention of killing or hitting her, especially that the house was full of Hashemites who would also defend her based on their lawful responsibility. As for the tradition which says that the Prophet (p.) has asked Ali (a.s.) not to resort to violence against others, so the latter left Az-Zahraa to defend herself on her own, it is absurd for it is impossible that the Prophet (p.) asked him not to defend his beloved daughter. Actually, this cannot be accepted from anyone who respects himself and his family, knowing that everyone is aware that defending one's wife, especially if she was the Lady of the Worlds, does not start up any sedition in the Islamic community, for this act is deemed as a natural legal human right.