23/11/2013 A.D 19/1/1435 H


Asalamu Alaykum,
I'm new to Islam and would like to know how to calculate khums. I have read through a few articles and looked up khums on this website but am quite confused as it speaks of assets, businesses, and property, etc. I do not have a business or own property. May I ask if I could seek some assistance with calculating or if there is a link to a page with a calculator as I would like to pay khums?
Jazak'Allah khair for your time.


Khums is stipulated on the gains you earn and do not need for more than one year . You will take 20% of it and the rest would be taxed and would not be taxed again .then when the following year comes the money left would not be taxed , for what will be taxed is only the new gains.