Title Date
The Islamic rule in Judgment 2018-12-14
Anger is the source of evils 2018-12-07
The Messenger(p.) built the foundation of Islam on the basis of morals 2018-11-23
The biography and advice of Imam Al-Askari (a.s) 2018-11-16
The duty of confronting deviation 2018-11-09
The Responsibility of Social Solidarity 2018-10-26
The responsibility of the word 2018-10-17
The Commander of the Faithful (a.s.) 2016-06-24
The people of patience 2016-06-17
Fasting is abstinence from all what is forbidden 2016-06-10
Ramadan: A chance for correction 2016-06-03
Revenge and victory 2016-05-27
Reading as a means of progress and development 2016-05-06
Disparity 2016-04-29
Thinking and piety 2016-04-15
Az-Zahraa (a.s.): Doyenne of the Women of the Two Worlds 2016-04-01
The struggle between the right and falsehood 2016-03-18
Side with the Right 2016-03-11
Learning steadfastness and unity from the Prophet’s biography 2016-02-26
Marriage in Islam 2016-02-19
Reconciliation and Justice 2016-02-12
The vice of malice 2016-01-29
A new stage in Lebanon 2016-01-22
How does a tyrant rule? 2015-12-11
Charity in Islam 2015-12-03
Fighting injustice 2015-10-31
The Hussaini Revolution 2015-10-16
God’s mercy 2015-10-09
Ghadir Day 2015-10-02
Allah’s oneness and the Muslims’ unity 2015-09-11
The destruction of those who exulted in their means of subsistence 2015-09-04
Proclaiming the truth 2015-08-28
The conditions of Jihad 2015-08-14
Love and faith 2015-08-07
The universal principle of mercy 2015-07-10
The Night of Al-Qadr 2015-07-03
Supplications in the month of Ramadan 2015-06-26
Night Prayer 2015-06-19
Welcome Ramadan 2015-06-12
Justice on Earth 2015-06-05
The inheritors on Earth 2015-05-29
Never yield to tyrants 2015-05-15
Intercession 2015-05-08
Imam Ali’s birth anniversary 2015-05-01
Promoting internal dialogue in Yemen 2015-04-24
No more civil wars 2015-04-17
For a peaceful solution in Yemen 2015-04-04
We need a discourse that puts off political fire 2015-03-27
On Mother’s day: The rights of women are human rights 2015-03-20
Maintaining ties of kinship 2015-03-13
The concept of the nation in Islam 2015-03-03
Internal unity in Lebanon 2015-02-27
A national strategy to fight terrorism 2015-02-20
Dialogue: The only choice 2015-02-13
The lessons of the Companions of the Cave 2015-02-06
Being wronged does not justify aggression 2015-01-30
Martyrs give the nation a new life 2015-01-23
Allah’s will goes hand in hand with man’s freedom of choice 2015-01-16
Distorting the image of Islam 2015-01-09
The Messenger of Mercy (p.): Let us emulate his sublime morals 2015-01-02
The nation of believers 2014-12-26
The sublime morals of Muhammad (p.) 2014-12-19
Visiting Holy shrines 2014-12-12
Treating excessive concern 2014-12-05
Reject superstitions 2014-11-28
The principle of preserving dignity 2014-11-24
When trial is by fortunes 2014-11-14
Uprightness 2014-11-07
Karbala: The pioneer exemplar for profound planning and Divine guidance 2014-10-31
The New Hijri year 2014-10-24
Stalling and postponing 2014-10-18
The Day of Ghadir 2014-10-10
Sincere repentance 2014-10-03
Allah is close to us 2014-09-26
The will 2014-09-19
Putting trust in Allah 2014-09-12
The punishable silence 2014-09-06
Keeping promises 2014-08-29
Anger as a positive energy 2014-08-22
The road to happiness starts with gratitude 2014-08-15
Intermediation in Islam 2014-08-08
Building strength 2014-08-01
Abstaining from all what Allah has prohibited 2014-07-25
Ali: The Champion of Muslim unity 2014-07-18
Making use of time 2014-07-11
The late Sayyed Fadlullah (ra): A role model in Islamic unity and dialogue 2014-07-04
The advent of the month of Ramadan 2014-06-27
Congregational prayer: A virtue that ought to be invested in properly 2014-06-21
The believer’s responsibility awaiting Imam Al-Mahdi (aj.) 2014-06-13
The sublime morals of Imam Zein Al-Abideen (a.s.) 2014-06-06
Shaaban: The Month of the Prophet 2014-05-30
Embrace Muhammad’s sublime morals 2014-05-23
Humbleness in prayer 2014-05-16
Imam Ali (a.s.): A role model in running a government 2014-05-09
To work is to serve life 2014-05-02
The sinfulness of hypocrisy 2014-04-25
On the love of Az-Zahraa 2014-04-18
A Quranic lesson 2014-04-11
Reviving the culture of advice 2014-04-04
The youth andthe social media 2014-03-28
The mother in Islam 2014-03-21
Preserving dignity is an Islamic responsibility 2014-03-14
The youth are the gateway to the future 2014-03-07
The nation of content 2014-02-28
Remembrance of Allah 2014-02-21
The road of righteousness 2014-02-14
Corruption on Earth 2014-02-07
To be guided by Allah 2014-01-31
Patience: A weapon to confront challenges 2014-01-24
Would the Prophet (p.) recognize his nation now? 2014-01-17
Controlling anger 2014-01-09
Extinguishing strife 2014-01-03
Self-supervision 2013-12-27
True faithfulness to Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) 2013-12-20
Imam Al-Hassan (a.s.): A beacon of Islamic peace 2013-12-13
Confronting disinformation 2013-12-06
The sublime morals of Imam Zein Al-Abedien 2013-11-29
Violence against fellow Muslims is a major sin 2013-11-22
The “shock” of the Husseini revolution 2013-11-15
Ashura and mercy among Muslims 2013-11-08
Hold on to the covenant of Allah 2013-11-01
The Love of Ali (a.s.) 2013-10-25
How to overcome Satan 2013-10-18
Pilgrimage and the unity of Muslims 2013-10-04
There is no god but Allah 2013-09-20
The vice of intentional blindness 2013-09-13
Reliance on Allah 2013-09-06
Hasten to success 2013-08-30
Hamza: The missionary who devoted himself to Islam 2013-08-23
Facing challenges by perseverance and sacrifices 2013-08-17
The Messenger (p.) of mercy 2013-08-02
Imam Ali: A life dedicated to establishing justice 2013-07-26
Purifying the soul 2013-07-19
Fasting and Piety 2013-07-12
The Month of the Glorious Quran 2013-07-05
Killing is the biggest sin 2013-06-28
Preparing the ground for the advent of Imam Al-Mahdi 2013-06-21
Forgiveness is an act of faith 2013-06-14
The Night Journey and the Divine Promise 2013-06-07
Patience and trial 2013-05-31
Imam Ali: The love of Allah and the love in Allah 2013-05-24
Man’s greed and arrogance 2013-05-17
The significance and the role of the mind 2013-05-10
Work: A virtue and a duty 2013-05-03
Fatima (a.s.): A role model even in her sadness 2013-04-19
Advice: An educational method 2013-04-13
Put your trust in Allah 2013-04-05
Satan cannot overcome Man’s will 2013-03-29
Do not hurt fellow human beings 2013-03-22
Lady Zeinab (a.s.): Transforming weakness into moral strength 2013-03-15
Religious scholars: Main players in preserving the nation’s unity 2013-03-08
The role of religion in life 2013-03-01
Justice in the family 2013-02-25
Be prepared for death 2013-02-15
“Though it might be against your own selves” 2013-02-08
Islam has no veto in dialogue 2013-02-01
Muhammad (p.): The Leader and the role Model 2013-01-25
Chastity: The core of the Islamic personality 2013-01-18
Righteousness between theory and practice 2013-01-11
The Husseini revolution: A revolution against silence before tyranny 2013-01-04
Divine supervision: A protection against misdeeds 2012-12-28
Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ (a.s.) 2012-12-21
When money turns into an element of corruption 2012-12-14
The various dimensions of reciting supplications 2012-12-07
Ashoura and the lessons of repentance 2012-11-29
Ashoura: The apex of sacrifice 2012-11-23
The Prophet’s immigration: The birth of the Islamic nation 2012-11-16
Islam: The religion of leniency, not violence 2012-11-09
Al-Ghadir Day: The fate of the Islamic Message 2012-11-03
The spiritual journey of Hajj 2012-10-19
Pilgrimage: The Nation's conference 2012-10-12
Upbringing in Islam 2012-10-05
Islam is God's religion since Adam (a.s.) 2012-09-28
The Messenger (p.), our ultimate mentor 2012-09-21
The Islamic conceptualization of freedom 2012-09-14
Optimism in Islam 2012-09-07
Mus‘ab Bin ‘Umair: A missionary role model 2012-08-31
Lessons from Al-Khandaq Battle 2012-08-24
Trust in Allah 2012-08-17
Imam Ali (a.s.): The sword and voice of the right 2012-08-10
The lessons of “Badr” 2012-08-03
The grace of invocation 2012-07-27
Fasting: The gateway of freedom 2012-07-20
Are we ready for the month of Ramadan?! 2012-07-13
How to wait for Imam Al-Mahdi (aj)? 2012-07-06
The virtue of thankfulness 2012-06-29
Confronting Strife 2012-06-22
Asking for forgiveness paves our way to the straight path 2012-06-15
Imam Ali (a.s.): An eternal torch that lights up the march of humanity 2012-06-08
Imam Al-Jawad: A torch that lights up our way 2012-06-01
The concept of Jihad in Islam 2012-05-25
Abu Thar Al-Ghafari: The voice of the right 2012-05-18
Hijab: The symbol of dignity and freedom 2012-05-11
Lady Khadijah: The mother of the Message 2012-05-04
Sustenance and the ethics of work 2012-04-27
Az-Zahraa: The bridge between Prophethood and Imamate 2012-04-20
To be honorable is to obey Allah 2012-04-13
Death: The gate to the Hereafter 2012-04-06
Salman Al-Farisi: A man of missionary awareness and militancy 2012-03-30
Truthfulness: The core of Islam 2012-03-23
Motherhood: A responsibility and a blessed virtue 2012-03-16
The teacher's role and concerns 2012-03-09
The significance of the human system (order) in Islam 2012-03-02
Ammar Bin Yassir: A life of struggle for the cause of Allah 2012-02-24
Devotion: The basis of worship and work 2012-02-17
The Messenger (p.) elevated the status of man 2012-02-10
The messenger of Allah (p.): The role model and exemplar 2012-02-03
Imam Al-Askari (a.s.): A short life flourished with faith 2012-01-27
The death of the Prophet (p.) and the continuity of the Message 2012-01-20
The visit of Al-Hussein (a.s.): A commitment to the aims of his revolution 2012-01-13
The dangers of extravagance 2012-01-06
The cultural revolution of Imam Al-Baqir (a.s.) 2011-12-30
The birth anniversary of Jesus Christ (p.) 2011-12-23
Selfishness: Its impact on man and the means of treating it 2011-12-16
Sayyeda Zeinab (a.s.): The heroine of Karbala 2011-12-09
Imam Al-Hassan (a.s.): Prophetic morals and a missionary role 2011-12-08
The Hussaini Revolution: The sublime cause and commitments 2011-12-02
The immigration of the Prophet. A new dawn for humanity 2011-11-25
Make charity a daily act 2011-11-18
Al-Ghadir: The day Islam was perfected 2011-11-11
Worshipping and the society’s responsibility 2011-11-04
Unifying the acts of worship timings 2011-10-28
Pilgrimage: A chance to earn Allah’s hospitality 2011-10-21
Drugs: A vice that threatens life and the society 2011-10-14
Imam Ar-Rida (a.s.): An Imam and a “crown-prince” 2011-10-07
Shyness: An Islamic moral trait 2011-09-30
Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.): The role model of openness and dialogue 2011-09-23
Anger: The key to all evils 2011-09-16
The Battle of Uhud: Consistency makes victory 2011-09-09
Conceit: The vice of any [accomplished] work 2011-09-02
Piety: The outcome of fasting 2011-08-26
The advices of Imam Ali (a.s.) to the nation 2011-08-19
The month of Ramadan: The month of spiritual and moral provisions 2011-07-29
The responsibility of investing time properly 2011-07-22
Imam Al-Mahdi (a.s.): The hope of the downtrodden 2011-07-15
Imam Zein Al-Abideen (a.s.): The leader of a reformatory and educational revolution 2011-07-08
The Prophet's commissioning: The day Islam was born 2011-07-01
Al-Kazim (a.s.): The Imam whose suffering outlined the path to Allah 2011-06-24
Imam Ali (a.s.): The Imam of the pious believers 2011-06-17
Imam Al-Jawad (a.s.): Early Imamate and a missionary role 2011-06-10
Rajab: The month of mercy and peace 2011-06-03
The terms and responsibilities of victory 2011-05-27
The woman in Islam: Her role and responsibility 2011-05-20
The right of the neighbor in Islam 2011-05-13
The Quran: The blossoming of the heart 2011-05-08
Sayyeda Az-Zahraa (a.s.): The forbearing patient struggler 2011-05-06
Value of work in Islam 2011-04-29
Brotherhood in Allah 2011-04-22
Mosques: The basis of the Muslim society 2011-04-15
Sayyeda Zeinab (a.s.): A role model in forbearance and willpower 2011-04-08
The vice of lying: Its causes and repercussions 2011-04-01
Attending to people's needs: An Islamic and humanitarian value 2011-03-25
If an evil-doer comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth 2011-03-18
The missionary teacher: Producer of pious and civilized generations 2011-03-11
Patience: A great religious virtue 2011-03-04
Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.): The school of Islam 2011-02-25
The Birth Anniversary of the Messenger (p.): Preserve Islam 2011-02-18
The downtrodden: The makers of strength and the inheritors of the land 2011-02-11
Our responsibility in fighting corruption 2011-02-04
The Prophet (p.): The Exemplar to the Nation and Humanity 2011-01-28
Facing fear: A lesson from Al-Hussein's (a.s.) revolution 2011-01-21
Imam Al-Hassan: Preserving Islam 2011-01-14
The Responsibility of Speech 2011-01-07
Life and Man's Responsibility 2010-12-31
The birth of Jesus Christ (a.s.): A call for love and tolerance 2010-12-24
Loving Allah 2010-12-17
Al-Hussein (a.s.)'s Revolution: Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil 2010-12-10
Cleanness is an Essential Part of Faith 2010-12-03
Al-Ghadir: The Day of Islam 2010-11-26
Remembering Allah: The Aims and the Means 2010-11-19
Friday Sermon 06/12/1431 H., 12/11/2010 A.D 2010-11-12
The Meaning and Goals of Pilgrimage 2010-11-05
The Holiness and Sanctity of Life in Islam 2010-10-29
Imam Ar-Rida (a.s.): A peak in piety, knowledge and practice 2010-10-22
Perfection: A significant Islamic value 2010-10-15
Making Reconciliations between People: A Duty and a Responsibility 2010-10-08
Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.): A Man of Knowledge and an Imam of Dialogue 2010-10-01
The Concept of Beauty in Islam 2010-09-24
Abstaining from Committing Sins 2010-09-17
The Friday Prayer of 2/10/1432 H 2010-09-10
Eid Al-Fitr Sermons 2010-09-09
Imam Ali (a.s.): The Imam of Humanity 2010-09-03
Imam Al-Hassan (a.s.): The Knowledge and Morals of the Prophet 2010-08-27
Charity and Social Consolidation in Islam 2010-08-20
Fasting builds willpower and educates on piety 2010-08-13
Ramadan: The Month of Spiritual Provision 2010-08-06
Imam Al-Mahdi: The Awaited Justice 2010-07-30
Keeping Trust Preserves Islam 2010-07-23
Imam Zein Al-Abideen (a.s.): A Cultural and Spiritual Embodiment of Islam 2010-07-16
Give Good News to the Patient 2010-07-09
Friday Sermon 2010-07-02
Imam Ali (a.s.): The Lantern of Justice and the Torch of Life 2010-06-25
Imam Al-Hadi (a.s.): The Distinguished Intellectual Position and Missionary Role 2010-06-18
Rajab: The Month of Allah and the Oasis of Peace 2010-06-11
Az-Zahraa (a.s.): The Bright Image of Women 2010-06-04
Charity Brings About Allah's Mercy and Love 2010-05-28
Prayers: The Pillar of belief 2010-05-21
The Death Anniversary of Az-Zahraa (a.s.): A Missionary Role facing Deviation 2010-05-14
Fanaticism: A Pre-Islamic Vice that Destroys Religion 2010-05-07
Work in Islam: A Worshipping Act and Struggle for the Sake of Allah 2010-04-30
Cheating: A Stab in the Back of People and Society 2010-04-23
Sayyeda Zeinab (a.s.): A Distinguished Character with a Missionary Role 2010-04-16
The Negative Consequences of Anger 2010-04-09
The Social roles of morals 2010-04-02
: Oppression: A Vice that Leads to Hellfire 2010-03-26
Islamic upbringing 2010-03-19
The Repercussions of Consuming the Unlawful 2010-03-12
The Birth of Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) 2010-03-05
The Birth Anniversary of the Messenger of Allah (p.) 2010-02-26
Humanitarian Benefits of Charity 2010-02-19