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Date: 17/10/2017 A.D 27 Muharram 1439 H

One thing that deserves mention is that a corrupt community may take away a prophet’s family from him without any resistance. This is because resistance (by the prophet ) is directed against the greater community , and it may very well be that the force of the opposition represents enough material strength and challenge to undermine the basic elements of prophethood , as the  mundane circumstances work themselves out . The prophet - no matter which one - when delivering his message in the face of this great obstacle, does not possess every medium. Only some media apply: with respect to personal charisma and ability .The world of prophethood is not the world of the unseen , but the world of human abilities , which may be connected with the unseen in some instances or respects , but not in the full sense suggested by such knowledge .

In this setting , the community may be transformed into a powerful force even on the household of a prophet , guardian , or scholar . This is because such a community possesses the influence of a deviant society which can entice a household , enough to destroy a prophetic message . Some prophets,scholars, and saints have even been tested through their spouses who take an opposite stance to the prophetic message, opposing the actions of the prophet. This is what the Quran tells us about the wives of Noah and Lot :

God sets forth as an example to the disbelievers the wife of Noah and the wife of Lot. They were under two of our righteous servants, but they betrayed them so that they ( the husbands ) availed them naught against God , it was said to them : Enter the fire with those who go therein.

Al-Tahrim ,66:10


An excerpt from the book “World Of Our Youth”

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