FAQ > Difference between Lady Fatima and Virgin Mary
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Q: Who is of a higher status; Lady Fatima (a.s.) or Virgin Mary (a.s.)?

A: The Prophet (p.) described Fatima as the "Head of the Women of Paradise", and in another story the "Head of the Women of the Worlds." As for Mary (a.s), she is the "Head of the Women of Her World", whom Allah has chosen to be the mother of Prophet Issa (p.). Thus, when we compare between Virgin Mary and Az-Zahraa (a.s.), we find that they were both role models in their worship of Allah. Nevertheless, there was no significant activity in serving the Message that was attributed to Mary, while Az-Zahraa (a.s.) used to teach Islam to the women of Al-Muhajireen (immigrants) and Al-Ansar (supporters). She was also the Mujahid (struggler for the cause) who used to deliver speeches as to defend the Imamate and confront others when it came to defending the right. That is why Fatima Az-Zahraa (a.s.) (p.) is privileged by the fact that, although Mary and she were both close to Allah, she was the one who struggled for the right, while Mary only took care of her child and confronted her people to defend her chastity.