FAQ > Enjoining good and forbidding evil
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Q: I love my husband, but, he does not pray and I cannot leave him. He says that he prays, although, I have never seen him praying and I am sure that he does not. Would you please tell me what could I do in this case?

A: You should guide him to the proper path. However, you are not committing a sin in this case.

Q: What is the best way to guide some of my friends who are of the People of the Book, or who are atheists to Islam? Which book do you advise me to resort to?

A: Discuss with the other person the issues that you know well and try to make him suspicious of his postulates. Encourage him to resort to searching and let your discussion be polite, calm, sociable and based on evidence. Before conversing with him, let him love you, trust you and respect your opinion. Moreover, and you can resort to many books and references.