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Q: What does circumambulation suggest?

We worship Allah, as individuals in our houses, then as limited groups in our mosques, which might be big or small according to the place and the Imam. But these rituals remain individual acts of worship or within narrow circles, and we do not feel that we are an international nation worshiping Allah in a joint and united manner.

Therefore, turning round the House is an international act of worship where Muslims from all parts of the world worship God, as a nation that joins between the Persian, the Arab, the Indian, the African, the Europeanů etc.

They will thus live a new personality of being joined spiritually in their worshipping of Allah, the most Exalted. They will be getting rid of their misconceptions, since living and worshipping within a small circle, will make the Muslims forget about their being a part of the big nation. On the other hand, the diversity of those worshipping the Sacred House reminds the worshippers of the international character of the nation before God. This is the educational goal of Hajj:to make the international Muslim who is freed from his tribe, region or nationality, and unite him with the other Muslims that are practicing the same ritual of turning round the House.