FAQ > The Apparent Ornaments
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What is meant by God’s saying “what must ordinarily appear?” Does it infer that there are some kinds of permissible ornaments?

What is meant by “what must ordinarily appear” is the face and the hands which are ordinarily used in man’s everyday life. Perhaps the strongest evidence claiming that God does not demand that a woman covers her face and hands is that He had forbade her from doing so when in pilgrimage, knowing that pilgrimage is a religious ritual that requests Hijab so that the pilgrims would not be seduced. We infer from certain traditions that it includes apparent ornaments such the ring that the woman wears in her hand or slight Kohl in her eyes.

Based on what we have mentioned, are “ornaments” what the woman uses, such as cosmetics and accessories, or are they her natural features?

Ornaments include both.