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Q: We often hear in the supplications (by Fatima, her father, her husband, her sons, and by the secret entrusted in her). What is the secret entrusted in her?

A: This phrase is not proved to be said by infallible (a.s.) therefore, we do not have to busy ourselves with it.

Q: Imam AS-Sadiq (a.s.) said: “One for whom two days are the same is at loss; one for whom the last of the two days is worse is damned; and one whose life passes and does not improve himself is at loss. For such a person death is better than life” (Ma’ani Al-Akhbar, Assadouk, p.342).Would you please explain this saying and illustrate the Imam’s indication that touches on the creative aspect of man?

A: This Hadith aims at motivating people to work more, increase their good deeds, and to seek always the best. But, the person who does wrong deeds will be far away from God in the following days.

Q: What does the following phrase mean: “O God! I seek refugee with you from the torture of the grave, form the torture of the hellfire, from the temptations of life and death and from the evil of the temptations of the Antichrist”? 

A: The meaning of the grave and hellfire torture is clear. The temptations of life refer to committing sins, not appreciating enough the blessing and not thanking God for bestowing them on us. The temptations of death mean that the believer deviates and disbelieve in Allah while he is on the death bed. Also, the temptations of the Antichrist refer to the state of dissolution that occurs before the Day of Resurrection and in the end of life on earth.

Q: This part of Kumail Supplication: “O my Lord, if You let me talk, I will cry for You amidst its people as the tumultuous hopeful persons do”. Does this phrase indicate a kind of menace to Allah (The Exalted)? 

A: There is no menace in this phrase, but, it indicates a kind of seeking Allah’s mercy and it expresses submissiveness before Allah (The Exalted).