Title Date
Pope Francis I: Wasting food is like stealing from the poor 2013-06-06
Newborn baby rescued from public toilet in China 2013-05-30
Stephen Hawking, the noted British physicist, opts out of an Israeli conference 2013-05-09
Greeting cards depicting Muslim girls as terrorists!!! 2013-05-08
Veil for baby girls in Saudi 2013-04-29
World’s 100 richest earned enough in 2012 to end global poverty 4 times over 2013-01-22
The State of Palestine instead of the “Authority” and a new passport 2013-01-07
The International Federation of Karate approves of the Hijab 2013-01-04
Why Islam campaign 2013-01-03
900 Palestinian children arrested in 2012 2012-12-24
NASA refutes the prophecy predicting the end of the world on December 21, 2012 2012-12-17
At Least 27 Dead, Including 18 Children: Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre Could Be Worst School Shooti 2012-12-15
A Mexican footballer: The best person from my view is Prophet Muhammad 2012-12-06
Britain: Websites glamorizing suicide and self-harm, others promoting self-protection 2012-11-24
A banking expert: More than 500 Islamic banks in the World 2012-11-21
The Saudi Ministry of Education allows playing music in schools 2012-11-19
U.S.: The conference for introducing Islam launched 2012-11-17
A Saudi daily: A Saudi man finds a “Sijjeel” stone and refuses to sell it 2012-11-13
The Muslims of the second generation in the Netherlands are more committed to religion 2012-11-08
Blood and organ donation in the Netherlands 2012-11-05
UNESCO declares December 18 “World Arabic Language Day” 2012-10-31
Britain offers the necessary services to the British pilgrims 2012-10-25
Deep concerns from the spread of mass rape crimes in India 2012-10-24
For the first time in Germany: Muslims in the board of a public media outlet 2012-10-23
A petition against building the Grand Mosque in Algeria! 2012-10-20
Dar Al-Ifta' of Egypt: Resorting to trickery to travel to perform pilgrimage is Haram 2012-10-17
Bishops warn against the outbreak of a “war of religions” after displaying the video “Muslim immigra 2012-10-16
Arabic in the Pope’s weekly general audience 2012-10-10
Saudi Arabia: The Imam of a mosque uses an iPad to deliver the Friday sermon 2012-10-08
Muslim British girls distribute white roses together with prophetic Hadiths 2012-10-04
Britain witnesses an increasing demand on Islamic books 2012-09-22
Saudi Arabia establishes the first cemetery for non-Muslims 2012-09-21
Two successful uterus transplantation operations in Sweden 2012-09-20
Protests in India against a judge at the Supreme Court who advocates for hitting wives 2012-09-14
China: Financial rewards for Muslims who forsake having children 2012-09-10
Playing the religion card in the US elections 2012-09-10
EU states ban broadcasting any violent scenes 2012-09-07
No Adhan in Ottawa 2012-09-06
Terry Jones to put Prophet Muhammad (p.) on trial 2012-09-06
Jewish and Muslim leaders in Europe condemn anti-Semitism and anti-Islam 2012-09-06
Anti-radicalism ads causes outrage among German Muslims 2012-09-05
A veiled TV anchor: First time on TV in Egypt 2012-09-04
Take one step towards Allah, and He would take two towards you 2012-09-01
“Citizen Khan” offends Muslims 2012-08-31
American Academy of Pediatrics: The health benefits of male circumcision outweigh the risks 2012-08-30
Premier League offers non-alcoholic alternatives to avoid offending Muslim players 2012-08-29
Obama’s “deep regret” for burning the Quran is not sufficient 2012-08-28
An American grandmother gives birth to her own grandson 2012-08-28
Nigerian Muslims assisting Christians 2012-08-27
The Philippines declares Al-Fitr Eid an official annual holiday 2012-08-25
How Ruben became a Muslim 2012-08-24
Blaire: Religion provides life’s ultimate truth 2012-08-15
Muslim saving Jews during WWII 2012-08-11
A Spanish artist celebrates Hijab 2012-08-10
Forming an Islamic football team in Brazil 2012-08-09
The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia: Games of chance and lottery are a form of usury 2012-08-03
A twelve-year old Imam of a mosque?! 2012-08-03
Christian missionary organizations in Saudi Arabia 2012-07-31
For the first time, a German state allows its Muslim citizens to take part in its media council 2012-07-30
90% of the students in a British Catholic church are Muslim 2012-07-20
Egypt: Controversy among religious scholars on the permissibility of the Chinese patch that prevents 2012-07-16
Germany’s Green Party promises to recognize Islam 2012-07-10
A religious Saudi committee in charge of organizing sex reassignment surgeries 2012-07-03
The Assembly of Islamic Researches invalidates the Fatwas that deem polio vaccination forbidden 2012-06-30
Germany aims at fighting female circumcision 2012-06-27
Wales proposes a bill on allowing organ donation without the deceased’s approval 2012-06-23
Louisiana passes a law that obliges sex-crimes convicts to report their crimes on Facebook 2012-06-23
The Australian judiciary allows opening the biggest house of prostitution 2012-06-22
Egyptian Fatwa: Hunting and eating frogs is forbidden 2012-06-21
The Dutch Parliament rejects a draft law to ban “Halal slaughtering” 2012-06-20
The Saudi Mufti allows spending the almsgiving for helping the poor youth on getting married 2012-06-16
Wasted food comes at an annual cost of a trillion dollars 2012-06-14
USA: The first Muslim judge to be appointed in the state of California to the superior court 2012-06-13
For the first time in the Dutch capital: A cemetery for Muslims 2012-06-11
A Muslim student perform the prayer during a commencement in America 2012-06-09
The prince of Kuwait rejects bill on death penalty for blasphemy 2012-06-07
Erdogan’s statements on abortion creates an uproar in Turkey 2012-06-06
Sri Lanka: Islamic objection on establishing a Zionist embassy 2012-06-01
A Muslim Serbian footballer suspended for not singing the national anthem 2012-05-30
Dar Al-Ifta’ in Jordan forbids replacing the hair with a wig 2012-05-25
Philippines: Distribution of commodities and food supplies to the poor families for the month of Ram 2012-05-24
An Israeli rabbi incites Israeli doctors not to treat non-Jewish patients on Saturdays 2012-05-21
Spain witnesses demands to build mosques outside the cities 2012-05-18
An-Nour Party advocates female circumcision 2012-05-16
An Indian court scraps Hajj subsidies 2012-05-12
Obama barracks for same-sex marriage 2012-05-11
Opening an Islamic center in the Serbian capital 2012-05-08
Performing autopsy on dead Muslims 2012-05-07
Britain’s crown prince demands the world to model after the teachings of Islam 2012-05-03
Workshops to improve the image of Islam in Britain 2012-05-02
The Muslims in Liberia face a dreadful reality 2012-04-25
A study shows an increase in the number of American prisoners converting to Islam 2012-04-18
German Integration Minister demands teaching the young Muslims their religion 2012-04-18
The non-Muslim Sri Lankan president opens a mosque 2012-04-16
Obliging judges to pass judgments according to the jurisprudents’ preponderant opinions 2012-04-14
Finland: An ancient church turns into a mosque 2012-04-09
US bounties to control Indian 2012-04-05
Google tour around Islamic art 2012-04-05
Zaitouna Mosque is visited again 2012-04-05
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto celebrated as Muslim leader 2012-04-05
A US state law bans medical marijuana on campuses 2012-04-05
Dutch authorities fear a “low risk” terror attack 2012-04-04
Spanish Muslims wisely advice the Spanish society not to fall in discord and hate 2012-04-04
A $1bn Islamic bank in Doha 2012-04-04
French authorities to deport extremists of one 2012-04-03
A Fashion magazine seeking pious glamour… impiously! 2012-04-03
Over 80,000 enthusiasts crown Hajj exhibition in Britain 2012-04-02
Muslims must step outside self-marginalization zone 2012-04-02
Fear hits Denmark as far-right England 2012-04-02
Aborting deformed fetuses!! 2012-04-02
“World Halal Forum” in Malaysia 2012-03-31
Reuters resorts to Ninjutsu to “strike” against Iran! 2012-03-31
Yemen... An Unlikely Hub for Islam Study… 2012-03-30
‘They make men do things’... 2012-03-30
Canadian professor thoroughly studied Islam... voluntarily embraced it 2012-03-30
FBI now “spotted” like NYPD… 2012-03-29
Gaza baby dies after respirator runs out of fuel 2012-03-29
Islamic bonds make a record-breaking comeback on world markets 2012-03-29
Newest Poll: Americans against War on Afghanistan 2012-03-28
French Muslim Council 2012-03-28
New German president “weird” toward Islam 2012-03-28
Demands to modify the laws of adultery crimes that contradict with the Shariah 2012-03-28
Italy: 250 mosques united 2012-03-28
A “Muslim” book in Canada preaches “wife beating”!! 2012-03-27
2nd Annual World Islamic Finance Conference 2012 2012-03-27
An American hate crime reflects US cold-blooded 2012-03-26
A Dutch judge declared that parents should be stricter 2012-03-26
Ethical dilemma in Saudi Arabia 2012-03-26
The Swedish judiciary repudiates recognizing the marriage of a seventeen year old girl 2012-03-23
A legal official guidance in western courts 2012-03-22
A Swiss City calls for enhancing consolidation with the elderly 2012-03-21
Islam’s headscarf inspires European 2012-03-20
Hijab banned in 88-percent-Muslim Uzbekistan 2012-03-20
“The Arab spring”… where to? 2012-03-17
Dante vs. Muhammad and Judas… 2012-03-17
Does the Moroccan Law protect the rapist?! 2012-03-16
American Legislators must know George Washington was Pro-“Shariah” 2012-03-16
Indian modern economy boom Seemingly at the expense of pogromed Muslims! 2012-03-16
The FBI is not ok with the NYPD spying on Muslims in the US 2012-03-14
An American poll recently out 2012-03-14
Tens of tons of rotten foodstuff confiscated daily in Lebanon 2012-03-14
A “Facebook” for Muslims?! 2012-03-13
A Muslim Imam arrested in Spain 2012-03-13
The first life insurance that conforms to the Islamic Shariah in France 2012-03-12
Will the disoriented “war on terror” stop?! 2012-03-12
“Warehouses of corruption” caught red-handed… 2012-03-09
«A Separation» 2012-03-09
Problematic issue of prayer “in property”… 2012-03-08
Germany is new home to 5000 Islamic institute holdings 2012-03-08
Aborting fetuses having Thalassemia is forbidden 2012-03-08
The Netherlands lets go of its comatose patients 2012-03-07
Amnesty International “very satisfied” by Islamic Law practiced in Iran 2012-03-06
“Islamist” scandal from inside the parliament; 2012-03-06
Report – U.S. Mosques: Ethnically diverse and encourage civic engagement 2012-03-05
“Amnesty International” Cancels Visit to Bahrain Due to Authorities Restrictions 2012-03-05
Immigrants to Sweden kidnap their own daughters to wed them 2012-03-05
Secular TV station advocates “The Rights Of The Hijab” in the job market 2012-03-05
International Media Outlets Fail To Orient against Iran’s regime 2012-03-03
Syrian Actress’s Wrath toward Hezbullah… 2012-03-03
Hymen reconstruction 2012-03-03
“New York Times” Hints towards 2012-03-02
“Islam… Of Real Influence in the History of Europe” 2012-03-02
Muslims joining the Australian security forces 2012-03-02
Germany trains the Imams of mosques in its universities 2012-03-01
Television contests and prizes 2012-02-28
A French presidential candidate: Halal slaughtering entails injustice 2012-02-27
A paternity case in Egypt 2012-02-25
Britain: Muslim children practice their faith at much higher rates than others 2012-02-24
The contemporary procedures for paying Diyyah 2012-02-22
Cremation in the west: The death of death 2012-02-20
A Muslim British Minister: Do not marginalize religion 2012-02-18
Former Dutch MP warns against the feeling of hatred towards the Christians 2012-02-17
Sheikh Al-Azhar launches the international campaign to break the siege on Jerusalem 2012-02-16
Tasting wine and pork: A necessity to graduate in Denmark 2012-02-16
The first mosque in a military barracks in the Netherlands 2012-02-11
Halal food industry in Russia 2012-02-10
Georgia mayor converts to Islam 2012-02-09
252 thousand books to introduce Islam in Latin America 2012-02-08
The 10th Arab Conference on Astronomy and Space Sciences 2012-02-07
A campaign to introduce the holy Messenger in Ukraine 2012-02-06
Calls for shutting the doors of Denmark to the Muslims 2012-02-03
Trading with merchandises of counterfeit trademarks 2012-02-02
Chemical castration: The punishment of the rapists in Russia 2012-02-01
Chaabi's Belgian Bank launches Shariah bank accounts 2012-01-30
Calls for stopping the Dutch support to Palestine 2012-01-28
The Muslims demanded equality from the German Senate 2012-01-27
The religious stand from separating conjoined twins 2012-01-26
Music and social mixing 2012-01-25
Ethnic discrimination in the Norwegian labor market 2012-01-23
Dutch elderly demand facilitating mercy killing 2012-01-21
The Palestinian children under the mercy of the occupation 2012-01-20
A new study: The spread of drug use threatens the Arab societies 2012-01-19
Electronic divorce in Jordan: A controversial issue 2012-01-17
The Dutch Queen’s “veil” creates a controversy 2012-01-14
The responsibility of mosques towards the Muslim youth in Britain 2012-01-13
American Federal Court: Oklahoma’s ban on the Islamic Shariah is an illegal procedure 2012-01-11
Austria: A controversy over the teens’ racist attitudes toward Muslims 2012-01-10
Abortion instructions created an uproar on Facebook 2012-01-09
The Muslim minority in Romania 2012-01-07
Muslims invited to visit churches 2012-01-06
China: A mosque removed by force 2012-01-05
Police and media campaigns against Muslims in India 2012-01-03
Germany: Teaching the Islamic religion in schools: The first official recognition of the Muslims 2011-12-30
The Islamic Academy in Ghana calls for spreading Islam in the country 2011-12-30
Cultural diversity and Islam… an American outlook 2011-12-29
New stories about the fate of Imam As-Sadr 2011-12-28
A social and political division towards the official recognition of Islam in Moldova 2011-12-28
Contradictions in the American policy towards the Muslims 2011-12-27
Spinsterhood: An omen of evil 2011-12-23
U.S.: A Muslim opens a free clinic for the poor 2011-12-22
The best female Muslim preacher in Malaysia 2011-12-21
The Vatican: Islam is the most spreading religion in the world 2011-12-20
Norway honors a Bosnian Imam with a peace award 2011-12-19
Albania hosts the international conference for fighting alcohol abuse 2011-12-15
An American company pulls its ads from a program on the reality of Muslims in America 2011-12-14
The anti-Semitism statements by the American Ambassador to Brussels 2011-12-14
The Hijab in Canada: An open confrontation 2011-12-13
Jakarta hosts the Second International Conference of Islamic Media 2011-12-12
A Norwegian support to restore the Islamic manuscripts in Jerusalem 2011-12-10
Artificial insemination in law and in reality 2011-12-09
A row over the prevention of a caller from entering into the Netherlands 2011-12-08
Sectarian concerns in Egypt 2011-12-07
The Muslims in India: A pursuit and a struggle to improve their conditions 2011-12-05
The Australian Deputy Prime Minister calls for rejecting the attack against Islam 2011-12-02
Yemen: Salafis call for Jihad against the Houthis 2011-12-01
An Islamic museum will be opened in Australia in 2013 2011-11-30
The opening of the first milk bank in the Netherlands 2011-11-29
Christmas celebrations cancelled as a gesture of respect for Ashura 2011-11-28
Canada allows wearing the Hijab as part of the uniform at work 2011-11-28
Muslims In Cambodia: Abject poverty and extreme backwardness 2011-11-25
A Jewish British writer warns against the propagation of Islam in Europe and America 2011-11-24
The American Reality TV hosts the Largest Muslim American Community 2011-11-23
A call to fight violence against children 2011-11-21
Israel prepares to exhume a thousand historical tombs in Jerusalem 2011-11-17
Lebanon establishes a new formula in the Asian football field 2011-11-15
The most famous female defender of Islam: Yvonne Ridley 2011-11-12
How did the aching Somali people spend the Eid?! 2011-11-11
Mercy killing for incurable cases 2011-11-10
A new religious law in Kazakhstan 2011-11-09
Angry demonstrations against a play featuring Jesus Christ (a.s.) in France 2011-11-04
French court cancels permit for Marseille mega-mosque 2011-11-02
Palestine: A full member in UNESCO 2011-11-01
A pioneering experience to get to know Islam 2011-10-31
No contradiction in citizenship between the Islamic Shariah and the American Constitution 2011-10-29
Pastor Terry Jones: A candidate for the American presidency 2011-10-28
A scientific breakthrough: A fatherless child 2011-10-27
The Discourse of Unity and Offence 2011-10-26
The Muslims in Bulgaria are facing persecution campaigns 2011-10-25
The 9th Doha Conference for Interfaith Dialogue between reality and ideals 2011-10-24