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Reformation: The aim of revolution

Date: 20/09/2017 A.D 29 Thul-Hijja 1438 H

By: His Eminence the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah

We do not take up history to the extent that we become far away from reality. Hence we take from history the thought, the  theme and the lesson , especially that there is a particularity in Al -Husseinís leadership, which is distinguished from all reformatory movements throughout history. This feature is revealed in his Imamate that is an extension of Prophecy. He undertakes the message and struggles for its realization  and  correcting the deviations  that others have committed .  When the Imam speaks and moves, he acts for the sake of Islam, regardless of  the current stage. Assuming  the Imamate means speaking and acting to spread the Islamic religion. Consequently, the Imamate extends throughout time.  Imam Al Hussein is not a merely a historical personality, but our leader, we benefit from his speeches, biography and movement, in  gaining  legitimacy  to our similar actions.

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