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Imam AL -Hussein : A comprehensive message and a symbol of unity

Date: 25/09/2017 A.D 5 Muharram 1439 H

If AL- Husseinís issue were just a political one , he would have talked to them in a political language , but we saw that he talked to them in a preaching and Islamic  language , because Al-Hussein knows that the Islamic societyís problem  then , as well as the problems of the Islamic society in other times  , is that people closed their hearts towards the almighty God , and they do not think of the Afterlife , because they are indulged in  this life .

Thus , when we study AL-Husseinís words throughout his march from Madina towards Makka and then to karbala  , we realize that his speeches were preaching ones that  open the heart and soul . He wanted to bring up an Islamic society. Though Al -Hussein wanted to be the ruler, he did not want it for himself, but for the sake of spreading his message in order to change the reality and restore the true Islam .

Thus , dear loved ones , we should read the message of Al-Hussein as a whole , not just in politics or tragedy ,  as most people acknowledge it .You should  read the message of  AL-Hussein as you read the Messenger of God , of course with the difference between them , since the messenger said :Ē Hussein is from me and I am from AL-Hussein ď.

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