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AL-Sayyeda Zainab

Date: 22/09/2017 A.D 2 Muharram 1439 H

We should benefit from Sayyeda Zainab ís (a.s.) attitude in our method of bringing up the  Islamic woman , because she is knowledgeable  , intellectual , powerful,courageous and  a challenging personality . Though she lived the affection ,she did not surrender to it , even in karbala .  This affection did not prevent her from upholding her responsibilities .Sayyeda Zainab and Imam Al- Hussein benefited from the same experience , includingthe spirituality of her mother, the greatness of her father and brother , and she accompanied Al- Hussein throughout the tragedy of Karbala. Consequently, we should understand Zainab , though I tend to believe that we do not. We have to understand her thought, education and movement. We have to study her address to Yazid , her words in the court of IbinZiad . Maybe , we can find in her , the image of her mother Al -Zahraa, in her defense of truth at the Messengerís Mosque , and in  her standing with legitimacy and AL-Hussein .

Consequently, Karbala represents the great renewing movement.

Peace be upon AL-Hussein , Imam Ali Bin Al-Hussein, the children of Al- Hussein , The companions  of Al- Hussein.

Peace of Allah be upon them from me forever

as long as I am existent and as long as there are day and night.

May Allah not decide this time of my visit to you to be the last.

His Eminence, the Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah

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