Title Date
Sayyed Fadlallah received phone calls on the Adha Eid 2008-12-10
Sayyed Fadlullah announced that next Monday is the first day of Eid Al Adha 2008-12-05
Fadlullah received at his residence in Mecca a delegation of Hezbollah 2008-12-04
The Sayyed received in Holy Mecca groups of pilgrims from several countries 2008-12-03
Sayyed Fadlullah to perform the Hajj duty 2008-12-02
The Activities of Sayyed Fadlullah's Hajj Mission in the Holy City of Medina 2008-11-29
Sayyed Fadlullah received a phone call from the Palestinian President 2008-08-29
Sayyed Fadlullah received a phone call from Rida Shibani 2008-05-22
Fadlullah in a letter to the Danish Government,19-2-2008 A.D, 12 Safar 1429 H 2008-02-19