Title Date
A statement announcing the death of A.Sheikh Hussein Ali Muntaziri 2009-12-21
A statement on the anniversary of Ashura 2009-12-20
A statement on the American threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran 2009-12-13
A statement on the first of Muharram 1431 H., 2009 A.D. 2009-12-10
A statement on the Swiss referendum on banning the construction of minarets in Switzerland 2009-11-30
Al-Adha Eid for 2009 A.D. 2009-11-16
A statement on the Fatwas issued by Jewish rabbis that legalize the killing of Muslims, and a call f 2009-11-15
: A statement in which he lauded the role of the Turkish – Iranian – Syrian movement 14/11/1430 2009-11-01
our stand this week 12/11/1430 H., 30/10/2009 A.D. 2009-10-30
A stand on the last blood-shedding explosions in Baghdad 08/11/1430 H., 26/10/2009 A.D. 2009-10-26
A statement on the terrorist attack in Iran. 30/10/1430 H., 19/10/2009 A.D. 2009-10-19
A statement in which Sayyed Fadlullah banned normalization with the Zionist enemy 2009-09-13
A statement on the day of Eid Al-Fitr 2009-09-09
A statement warning against the indirect ways of the Arab regimes to normalize relations with the en 2009-08-30
A statement denouncing the explosions that targeted the innocent people in Iraq 2009-08-20
A statement announcing the beginning of the month of Ramadan for the year 1430 H., 2009 A.D. 2009-08-17
A statement on the fact that the Americans are wrong if they believe that the conditions are ideal t 2009-08-02
A statement on the foreign interferences in the Lebanese situation 2009-07-23
A Fatwa on the Swine Flu and its impact on Al-Hajj and Al-Umrah seasons 2009-07-19
A statement on the recent American approaches vis-à-vis Iran and the region 2009-07-12
Reception of a western student delegation 2009-06-28
Statement responding to Sarkozy’s statement on banning the burqu' in France 2009-06-24
A statement in which he talked about a coming settlement in the future stage 2009-06-14
A statement on the conference recently held in Israel 2009-05-31
A statement on the visit of the Pope to Israel 2009-05-10
A statement on “the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions” 2009-05-07
A statement warning from the siding of the United Nations with Israel 2009-05-03
A statement on the resolutions of Durban II Conference 2009-04-26
A statement condemning the recent explosions in Iraq 2009-04-25
A statement addressing the issues that the American President recently brought up 2009-04-13
A communiqué denouncing the suicidal attack in one of the mosques at the Pakistani Punjab province 2009-04-07
A statement that addressed the American and Israeli security violation for the sea and land of the A 2009-04-05
Statement- The calls to hand over the file to the Israeli judiciary are devious 2009-03-29
Statement of a fatwa that deem political and electoral money haram 2009-03-16
An address to the Sudanese people, commenting on the International Criminal Court (ICC) decision to 2009-03-08
A Communiqué condemning the latest offense by the Enemy's television to Jesus Christ and Lady Mary ( 2009-02-23
A statement in which he talked about the Arab and Islamic roles concerning the international politic 2009-02-22
Denouncing the suicidal bombing of the funeral of Sher Zeman, the Shiite leader, in Pakistan. 2009-02-21
A statement on the recent Israeli elections, 20-2-1430 / 15-2-2009 2009-02-15
A statement denouncing the recent Vatican decision vis-à-vis the Holocaust on 12-02-1430 / 9-2-2009 2009-02-09
A statement condemning the explosion that ripped through crowds commemorating Ashura nearby a Shiite 2009-02-07
A letter addressed by Sayyed Fadlullah, to the new American President Barack Hussein Obama on 28-01- 2009-01-25
Fadlullah denounced the suicide bomb at the Shrine of Imam Al-Kazem (a.s.) 5-1-1430/8-1-2009 2009-01-05
A letter to the nation’s Sunni and Shiite Scholars concerning Gaza 7-1-1430/4-1-2009 2009-01-04