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Sayyed Fadlullah: The Pluralism of Authority is a Pluralism Based on Intellectual, Cultural and Jurisprudential Aspects

Sayyed Fadlullah considers TV marriages as null and void, since they lack the will

Extracts of the interview of Al-Afkar magazine with Sayyed Fadlullah. 17/09/2007

The Education on Divine Victory (Part I) 09/07/2007

Interview with Al-Rai Al-Aam Newspaper 24/03/2006

Fadlallah said "We believe that obscuring the stance of Shiites ... can create a rift between Shiites and Sunnis "

Sayyed Fadlullah :The American Administration encourages sectarian strife in Iraq


 Interview about the Pope Jean Paul II, April 05, 2005

 Excerpts from An interview about the resistance in Palestine

The Iranian theory of the Jurist's rule does not have an extension in Iraq.

An interview with the Washington Post

"We Dont Trust America" Interview with Newsweek

Resolution 1559

The Fate of the Islamic Unity

Iraq a complicated situation

Interview with the Washington post