News > Miscellanous >   1-8-2007 AD, 17 Rajab 1428 H

Fadlullah Bans "Crimes of Honour"

Fadlullah considers "the crimes of Honour" as prohibited acts of murder and stresses that their perpetrators must be punished without any commutations

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, issued a Fatwa in which he prohibited "the crimes of honour". He said:

A vicious phenomenon, that of the so called "crimes of honour", is on the rise in more than one country in the Arab and Muslim worlds, especially in Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. Some men tend to kill their daughters, sisters, wives and female relatives, under the pretext that they had committed acts that harm chastity and honour.

While on the contrary, those men are not enraged when their male relatives commit such acts. As if chastity is a duty that is should be observed by the woman only.

In fact, "honor crimes" are based on the male tribal mentality that is still controlling the minds of many people, and not on a sense of honour or dignity.

I view "the crime of honour" as a repulsive act, condemned and prohibited by religion. It is also a full crime whose perpetrator must be punished without any commutations. That is because these crimes are committed without any sound evidence from the juristic point of view and are mostly based on suspicions. Hence, the man, whether he was the husband, father, brother, or the male relative does not have the authority to take the law into one's own hands or to punish the woman, which should be the authority of the just judicial power.

Those who commit such crimes must be punished in this life. This crime is also considered a one of the Kabair (severe sins) whose perpetrator deserves to enter Hellfire in the afterlife.