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Abduction is unlawful

Sayyed Fadlullah: The Lebanese who experienced the dangers of "organized chaos" ought to strive to protect their internal peace and national security from all international and regional thieves with America and Israel on the top of the list.

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: How does Islam view abduction?

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said Islam views the freedom of man as a fundamental value, since this freedom is the basis of human creativity.

In principle, Islam did not give any one an authority over others. Everyone has an authority over himself, his property and action, and no one has the right to detain others, appropriate their wealth or limit their movements …etc.

Thus, Islam views abduction as an aggression on the freedom and dignity of the others, and it is therefore unlawful according to all criteria, whether religious, moral or rational and regardless of its motives, be they financial extortion or political objectives, even if these objectives are legitimate from the point of view of the nation’s major interests. It is still illegal to use illegal means to reach legal objectives.

Thus, all cases of abduction of civilians, journalists, diplomats and the like are absolutely unjustified from the point of view of the Islamic Sharia. On the contrary, it could be a case of spreading mischief in the earth, and intimidating people, which the Islamic law has been very strict in punishing.

Moreover, there is no difference in this case if the abducted is Muslim or not. Both the Islamic law and the Islamic values do not differentiate between the two in this case. Common sense too feels that depriving a human being of his freedom is an aggression against humanity.

But, as we condemn the cases of abduction committed by Muslim individuals or groups who claim to be Islamic, we have to remember the big abduction operations the arrogant are committing since they abducted the entire nation with all its peoples and resources, and even appropriated its freedom and the future of its generations. It is an incomprehensible and unjustified paradox that on the one hand condemns individual and limited abductions and remains silent on all of the mass abductions practiced by America and Israel.

Furthermore, the individual abductions we see these days are in essence an arrogant habit. The various American administrations represent a role model for those who are nowadays practicing individual abductions. America has abducted several Cuban planes during its crisis with Cuba, and the CIA has abducted several South American leaders to kill and imprison them the change the regime. In addition, the CIA abducted some Lebanese in open sea, and Israel abducted many Lebanese taking them from their villages and houses, as well as abducting fishermen on the southern shores. America's abduction of a Lebanese citizen in Germany and taking him to Afghanistan, as well as abducting others and carrying them to Guantanmu or to other detentions is in no way different than the other abductions that are practiced by the Takfierioun (those who accuse others of disbelief) who might find in such an example a lead that ought to be followed.

What should be noticed these days is that the American and European covering up for the Israeli killings and abductions including the abduction of prisoners from inside their prison will lead to additional reactions.

We have always warned that blood calls for blood and killings leads to more killings and abductions lead to more abductions, and this could lead to the broadening up of the scope of terrorist operations that are practiced by the states which will in its turn be reflected on the practices of individuals and groups.

The Arab and Muslim region represents the region that had fallen under American imprisonment and abductions since decades. Thus, any condemnation for any abduction of Westerners or others will lose its credibility and effectiveness if it is not coupled with a decisive and practical stand against the brutal Israeli and American practices that led to such results.

We do not want Lebanon to fill prey to abductions yet again. And we do not want it to fall in the American trap and become a hostage of the events in the region on the one hand, and the greediness of the American Administration on the other hand. The Lebanese who experienced the dangers of "organized chaos" ought to strive to protect their internal peace and national security from all international and regional thieves with America and Israel at the top of the list.