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Reform in Islam

Sayyed Fadlullah: We believe that the time America used to commit aggressions without paying a heavy cost has ended, And we believe that it will consider all the consequences before creating new stage of anarchy in our region.

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: Does holding power contradict with the call for reform?

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said

Reform represents one of the goals of all heavenly messages. Islam in particular has considered reform a sublime virtue since any nation that lacks reform and renewal will be destined to collapse internally and fall at any external blow.

Reform is composed of several levels: first there is the ideological and religious reform that aims at reforming the religious concepts that had been deviated and distorted.

Then there is the social reform that aims at restoring national unity and diffusing all detonators whether sectarian tribal or partisan.

Political reform is also of extreme importance, since political corruption virtually paralyzes the nations ability to grow and develop as well as its will and freedom.

Islam has attached a great importance to all these levels. Imam Al-Hussein says: I am not campaigning for unwillingness to accept righteousness, or having intent to do mischief and suppress people. Indeed, I have decided to reform my grandfather's nation. I want to enjoin what is right and forbid dishonor. People who accept my call for being right, and then God is the Master of righteous people. Those who reject my call, and then I shall be steadfast till God passes His Judgment.

When we look at the miserable conditions our nation is living in , both on the internal level or the external level represented by the hegemony of the arrogant powers over its affairs, we feel that we desperately need reform on all levels, even if there is a need to offer martyrs on the road of reform, just as Imam Hussein offered himself as one of the fundamental symbols on the road of reform, when he saw a corrupt power and a tyrannical ruler. He considered himself the most worthy of leading change.

Therefore, we do not believe that there is any contradiction in the Muslim personality between seeking to establish reform and seeking to hold power.

On the contrary, we believe that government is one of the roads of reform and change, evident in the conduct of the Prophet(p.), his companions, and Imam Hussein afterwards.

When the Muslim seeks power it is not out of passion, and personal whim it is to serve people and present a new model in government that is void of corruption. He seeks to present a bright picture of Islam and the Muslims. When the Muslims reach power as result of their struggle, they should remain committed to the Islamic values of justice and defending the downtrodden. But this does not mean that they can't be flexible or adopt graduality which does not abort their causes. But this means that they have to define their priorities. It means that they should be concerned with the most important things and not be occupied with marginal issues and details.

As we emphasize that when the Muslims gain a position of power here and there, they should not fall under pressure, we also call on them to show that they open up on the other and that they can surpass certain dogmas that might not be Islamic in the first place. They should engage in a dialogue about present and future challenges. Then they should conduct a dialogue with the whole world.

We want the Muslims who achieved victory, especially in Palestine, to understand that their victory is just the beginning. And that their greatest victory lies in their internal coherence and in their good management of the political process and the relations with the world. They should also open up on the other Palestinian and not be dragged into internal strife.

We say to the world, especially the Americans who are hypocritical when it comes to democracy, that it has to accept the results of this democracy, and not to practice political terrorism for the benefit of Israel by putting the Palestinians between two alternatives: either to forego their commitments or to face a political and economic war.

All these ways of intimidation and terror will harm those who initiated it, because they are facing the entire Palestinian people who gave Hamas their confidence knowing before hand the challenges it is about to face and is absolutely ready to confront them.

We are witnessing a Zionist- American war against Islam as a fundamental force in the world and against all the Islamic positions from Palestine to Iran. But we believe that the time America used to commit aggressions without paying a heavy cost has ended, And we believe that it will consider all the consequences before creating new stage of anarchy in our region.

The region is in a race between what the arrogant powers and what the liberation movements and forces want. We have to win this race in the interest of the peace we strive for, and against the war the Americans and Israel seek.