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Morals and politics

Sayyed Fadlullah: We believe that the new equation calls for a grand initiative that unites the Sunni and the Shiites in fighting their common enemy, instead of letting internal strife destroy the nation's potentials and assets

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: What is the Islamic view concerning the morality of politics?

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said: Man's crisis in general is a moral one. All conflicts and struggles between humans are a result of the hegemony of the instinct of selfishness and the desire to dominate and own.

This brutality the world is witnessing with people killing others in cold blood, or starving individuals or groups and appropriating their resources and wealth are but manifestations of this moral problem.

Moral dissolution to the extent of legalizing same sex marriage is another expression of this problem.

Any follower will find out that even political and economic problems are in depth of a moral origin. That is why the Heavenly messages gave treating this problem an utmost priority. Jesus Christ (a.s.) says that he came to fulfill the law. Prophet Muhammad (p.) summarized the aim of his message with his famous saying that he was sent to complete sublime manners.

We believe that the collapse of moral values has direct and critical implications that threaten humanity as a whole and haunt it by the specter of successive crises.

On the other hand, moral stability leads to a comprehensive and universal stability including that of the individual who will not enjoy internal security unless he goes back to the values of Heaven.

On the social level too, feuds and conflicts will end when people adopt the moral values that call for love and social solidarity, and that denounce all forms of hurting the other or being suspicious of his intentions.

Needless to say that moral values would also have a positive impact upon the economic life of the society.

We also believe that the same thing in true regarding political life in contrast to what some people say that politics has no religion or morals. Such a conception of politics is rejected by Islam, which believes that morals should govern all aspects of human life including politics.

Moreover, in this age we, more than ever, need to humanize and moralize all political moves and practices: Our problem with politicians is that they seek to promote their own interests that diverge from the general interests and the moral issue that has to be evident in their political practice to ensure that the interests of the homeland and the nation are served.

The need for morals in politics is similar to the need of life to water. The problem of the world is that it has scarified the moral obligations for the benefit of military and political considerations.

And this is what could explain the Western and European silence towards the Israeli brutality which has resorted to all that violate international laws in its war of eradication against the Palestinians.

Before the last Palestinian operation Israel was expecting a comprehensive Palestinian surrender, and the Arrogant World was expecting to impose its own solution as a result of this surrender.

This is probably what explains the American and European indifference towards all Israeli violations of human rights and its organized crime activities in Palestine.

They were expecting the Palestinians to raise the white banner to start formulating a project of full surrender starting from Palestine this time and not from Iraq.

In this atmosphere, we feel distressed towards this Arabís silence and yielding to American dictates and leaving the Palestinians face their own fate. We also feel deeply concerned towards the rise of the sectarian fanaticism that is destroying what is left of the fighting spirit in the nation and paving the way for an internal strife that fills the Americans and Israelis with joy.

We believe that the new equation whose first features were drawn by the last Palestinian operation calls for a grand initiative that unites the Sunni and the Shiites in fighting their common enemy, instead of letting internal strife destroy the nation's potentials and assets.

Faced by the dangers that threaten the nation I call on religious scholars and the elites to move quickly to establish unity since the threats endanger the future of our coming generations and the future of Islam.

Let the time play in our favor and not for the Americans, Israelis and their satellites.