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The International Community in Theory and Practice

Sayyed Fadlullah: The entire region, along with the American project, might blaze, if America  wages another bloody war in the region.

Asked in his weekly seminar the following question: What is this Islamic position regarding political parties?

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, said :

 In all their successive and accumulative efforts, the heavenly messages have sought to create favorable conditions to build a human society that is based on justice, right and protection of the weak. They have rejected all kinds of social and racial discrimination, on the basis that all men are equal like the teeth of a comb and that no Arab is superior to a non-Arab except in piety.

Then all the various Islamic teachings came to serve this goal of building such a society that ought to be strong, coherent and based on the sound principles that take into account the balance between all human nations and civilizations.

A quick review of all Islamic teachings regarding social relations starting by the small family, and ending up with peoples and nations is enough to prove that they aim at the following:

Firstly: The establishment of the principle of brotherhood among humans. A human being is a brother of other humans and not merely a business partner or a temporary friend. This principle implies an unequivocal rejection to all kinds of discrimination.

Secondly: The establishment of the principle of justice and fairness among all people, and the rejection of all kinds of wronging as a basic principle of international human relations.

Thirdly: Solidarity and mutual dependence among all people that implies the cooperation to achieve common goals and exchange wealth in a way that safeguards the entire human community and not a certain state or nation.

In the light of this, Islam rejects the logic of the dominating state that imposes its inhumane laws on the rest of humanity. It further monopolizes science and technology advancements and appropriates the wills of nations and states in the name of the will of the international community that hides its own will or that of the states it is allied with.

On this basis, we would like to discuss the term: "international community". We are not in principle against close relations between various states or against international laws that serve man and humanity in general. Islam was the first to establish the laws of international relations that the UN charter adopted much of. But we are concerned with how this term is politically manipulated: Who is this international community? Does it include the small and weak countries? Are such countries taken into account when the international community makes its decisions?

Or are these decisions taken by the super powers and the United States in particular that act under the guise of the international community making it a gun that is always aimed at the small and downtrodden states.

Thus we ask: How are we to understand the adoption of double standards in the decisions of the so- called "international legitimacy" that ignore the rejection of some of the states of its resolutions while insisting on the compliance of other countries regardless of how unfair these resolutions might be? We are afraid that the "international community" is being used as a weapon to prevent the downtrodden nations from exercising their right of self-determination and achieving their independence, and consequently preventing them form accomplishing their rights that will make them not need others and be recognized among the international community.

In this perspective, we view the latest decisions against the Palestinian Government, whether those taken by the US or the EU, as part of the historical injustice against the Palestinians in the name of the international community at a time these states accuse those who criticize the Israeli policies by anti-Semitism

Another paractice of this double standard attitude can be seen in the dealing with the Iranian peaceful nuclear project that is subjected to various threats including those of the Europeans, who said that Iran should understand that the International community does not accept a nuclear Iranian state.

Nevertheless, Iran insists that its program is peaceful, but this firmness against Iran changes into a flexibility, an understanding or a silence when it comes to the Israeli nuclear project that threatens the region and the entire world.

The Security Council and the UN have become a tool to persecute the downtrodden nations or the states that wish to liberate themselves from the pressures of the American policies.

The Quartet Committee too has turned into a tool to pressurize the Palestinians who are asked to recognize the Israeli occupation that does not recognize them as a people and commits all kinds of atrocities against them.

We are afraid that the US, which had dragged the so-called international community to the war on Iraq under the pretense of weapons of mass distention, wants to drag it to another bloody war in the region through its exaggeration of the Iranian peaceful nuclear project, and its efforts to undermine the European, Russian and Chinese initiatives. But such a war will not burn the region only. It will also burn an entire American project that was built on fighting in other peoples' countries and gaining their wealth. The world has changed and the era in which one international party gained at the expense of others has ended.

The American adventure will become a wound that the entire world will bleed from, and America itself will not be safe from the severe repercussions of its adventures.