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Sayyed Fadlullah demanded the Lebanese Army to launch an inquiry into Sunday's events and warned of more instability

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah issued a statement commenting on the recent developments in Lebanon and the consequences of the recent popular movements in which he said:

We were very shocked for seeing the bloody events and the developments that were beyond imagination. The Lebanese Army must clarify as soon as possible the events so that matters will not aggravate as a result of the political turmoil and public fidget that followed the bloody events, especially that what was revealed on television makes us wonder about the way the matters were handled and how the civilians were confronted with shootings and treated harshly in a way that we have never seen before. In addition, the bullets fired from certain places make us wonder about the party responsible for the security of that region and about the "show" in which the bullets were fired at buildings and shops even that which were far from the popular movements.

At a time we consider that this blood is very precious and should be respected by all of us, we stress that the big loss that is represented by those martyrs and wounded people is greater than any political investment attempts, whether for the interests of the opposition or the majority.

We fear that matters might get out of control because of the state of political and security chaos, whether the majority or the opposition wanted that or not, especially amidst the American plan that seeks to create "the unconstructive chaos" which the American officials are still propagating.

At a time we offer our condolences to the martyrs' families and pray for the recovery of the wounded people, we demand that the Lebanese Army should launch swift investigations into Sunday's events to know who killed the civilians in cold blood and who has directed those culprits to kill them. That is because we want the Lebanese army to be always the protector of all the Lebanese and to prevent any party from trying to distort its image internally or exploit its movement in Media, in politics, or in any other way.

We call on everyone to fear Allah in any movement in the street since it is impermissible to kill people or damage their public or private properties because that has negative impacts on people's life.