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MP Hussein Al-Husseini, Emile Rahmeh, MP Hassan Hablallah, Lebanese crisis, solution.

Sayyed Fadlullah receives Husseini, Rahmeh and Haballah  

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the former Parliament Speaker MP Hussein Al-Husseini, and went over with him the latest developments in Lebanon, and the complications that hinder the formation of the new Cabinet, as well as the security tensions that move from one place to the other.

In the meeting, the Sayyed emphasized the need to contain any such tensions that can give those who wish to undermine the internal Lebanese relations a chance to do so by giving so a sectarian or partisan title. His Eminence appreciated any move to bridge the gap and solve the crisis in a way that preserves civil peace and internal unity.

His Eminence also received the president of the Tadamun Party (Solidarity), Emile Rahmeh, and discussed with him the latest developments.

In the meeting, the Sayyed stressed on the need to find solutions by speeding up the formation of the national unity government that would establish realistic and practical mechanisms that would lead the people out of the dark tunnel they are imprisoned in.

The Sayyed also received the member of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Hassan Hablallah.