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Fadlullah received Dr. Al-Khatib and a delegation from the Religious Teaching Organization:
Islamic occasions must be an opportunity for rapprochement and cooperation to strengthen the Islamic unity

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received the Dean of Saidon University, Dr. Mohammad Al-Khatib, headed by a delegation from the university. Dr. Al-Khatib congratulated the Sayyed on his safe return from Holy Mecca where he completed the pilgrimage duties. The meeting was an opportunity to discuss a number of cultural affairs and political issues.

His Eminence also received a delegation from the Religious (Islamic) Teaching Organization, headed by its Secretary General Sheikh Ali Sanan. The delegation also congratulated Fadlullah on his safe return from Holy Mecca. Sheikh Sanan also invited Sayyed Fadlullah to give a lecture during the rituals organized by the organization to commemorate the occasion of Ashoura.

During the meeting, a number of Islamic issues were discusses. His Eminence, Sayyed Fadlullah stressed that the Islamic occasions must be an opportunity to hold Islamic meetings to strengthen the Islamic unity, aside from the tense statements made by some speakers who are not aware of the Islamic depth represented by these occasions, namely the Islamic New Year and the occasion of Ashoura , in their representation of the Islamic history and their role in entrenching the Islamic movement and facing oppression practiced inside and outside the Islamic reality. He also stressed that the goals of the Hijra [the migration of Prophet Muhammad (p.) and his followers to the city of Medina] are consistent with the goals of the march of Imam Hussein (a.s) in Ashoura to Karabala , on the basis of preserving the Islamic tolerant and open line.