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Sayyed Fadlullah received the Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon

Fadlullah: The Lebanese problem cannot be solved through decisive statements or obscure positions

The Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah stressed that the Lebanese problem cannot be solved through decisive statements or obscure positions, but through "real formulas of consensus". H.E warned against the Arab alignment that attracts Lebanese alignment, and thus elongating the Lebanese crisis. He also emphasized the role of Egypt in reestablishing close relations in Lebanon and in the Arab world.

The Sayyed received the Egyptian Ambassador Ahmad Bidyawi and discussed with him the general developments in Lebanon and the region. The Ambassador highlighted his country's keenness on settling the Lebanese crisis, pointing out that Egypt has not abandoned its role on the Lebanese, Islamic and Arab levels, calling on the Lebanese parties to elect a new president and put an end to the ongoing crisis.

The meeting touched on the Arab-Arab relations and the atmospheres that surrounded the recent Arab Summit in Damascus. The Sayyed emphasized that if the Arab Summit fails, this will negatively affect the entire Arab reality as well as the Arab League and its future more than affecting any country.

His Eminence expressed his regret for the interference of personal issues in the relations of the Arab countries, indicating that such interference does not only affect the Lebanese situation, but rather the image of the entire Arab world amidst the big challenges that confront it, especially that Israel continues its aggressive plan against Palestine and the entire Arab and Islamic reality.

H.E highlighted the importance of the Egyptian role in bringing the Arab countries together, and consequently bringing the Lebanese together

The Sayyed stressed that any rapprochement might "reduce" the American pressure that is still working on promoting Arab discords and hampering the Lebanese solution.

He urged the country's politicians to play reconciliatory roles and work on facilitating the dialogue among the Lebanese parties, indicating that Lebanon relies on Egypt to find a way out of the current crisis away from accusing this or that party of hampering solutions. He also urged them to find a way to transform the ongoing "sterile" debate into a "productive" dialogue. That is because the Lebanese problem cannot be solved through decisive declarations of opinions where accurate judgments are thrown here and there, nor can it be settled through obscure positions. Hence, the solution can only be reached through the rejection of the "defeater and defeated" principle, while focusing on the "real formulas of consensus".