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Sayyed Fadlullah received the Australian Ambassador to Lebanon

Sayyed Fadlullah stressed on the spirit of openness that the Muslim communities enjoy

The Religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah received the Australian Ambassador to Lebanon Lyndall Sachs who conveyed to him the greetings of the new Australian Government. The meeting touched on Muslim-Australian ties and the relationship in general between Muslims and the administrations and governments of the West.

The ambassador asked about some rulings and Islamic Fatwas related to asylum and about how the emigrants and the Australian authorities are supposed to cooperate together. She asked also about the real Islamic viewpoint regarding the law, especially in the Western countries.

H.E stressed on the Islamic stand that the Islamic communities should respect the law and not violate the security of the community they live in, provided that they preserve the Islamic identity that Islam has stressed on, especially in adhering to the Islamic duties.

The Sayyed noticed that some parties, centers of studies and different personalities in the West, are working on distorting the image of Islam, in addition there are the extremist parties that try to kill the emigrants, especially Muslim ones. On the other hand, there are also some Muslim groups who are dealing with the other in an uncivilized manner since they do not understand Islam in its reality. It is as if there is an unannounced understanding between the two parties in a bid to complicate Muslims-Western relations… H.E. also stressed that we are against all kinds of extremism and fanaticism that are practiced by this or that party.

The Sayyed pointed out that he has always encouraged the Islamic communities to integrate with their Western communities, provided that they have to preserve their Islamic identity. He also indicated that the majority of Muslims are open on others, calling the Western Administrations to participate in strengthening the relations with these Islamic communities, through respecting Islam, not abusing its Prophet (p.), and understanding the authentic concepts of Islam and its sublime teachings.

The Sayyed clarified the Islamic stand towards violence, pointing out that Islam refuses violence and prohibits it except for self-defense and for "confronting those who impose violence on us". He added: It is impossible to present a bouquet for those who are waging wars against us and seek to occupy our countries and kill our children, women, and elderly, as in Palestine, nor for those who direct their rockets to kill us and raid on us with their airplanes… that is because they do not understand the language of flowers.

Fadlullah talked about the American strategy in the region that is based on protecting the Israeli security and controlling the oils resources. H.E saw that Lebanon is involved in this strategy by means of preventing it from turning into a position that frightens Israel or constitutes a threat to the Israeli security through its political elements and political regime. The US Administration is also exploiting Lebanon to pressure its regional enemies, and for that reason, it sought to turn Lebanon into an open front that serves its interests and a front that is open on the international intelligence agencies. Therefore, this Administration finds no problem in not finding any solutions for the Lebanese issue, at a time the economic crisis is pressuring on all levels