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Fadlullah: The Western offences against the Messenger (p.) do not fall under the category of freedom of expression

His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, emphasized the necessity that the authorities in the Scandinavian countries should shoulder the responsibility of preventing the repeated offenses against the Messenger (p.) and certain offensive ads that were published lately in Sweden.

His Eminence received the Danish Ambassador to Lebanon, Jan Top Christensen, and they went through the general situation in Lebanon and the region. They also discussed the relations between Muslims and the Scandinavian states, vis--vis the repeated offenses against the Holy Messenger (p.) by publishing offensive pictures, in addition to some offensive ads recently made in Sweden.  

During the meeting, the Sayyed stressed that those who are driving these political and informational parties to complicate the relations with Muslims and Muslim communities through these offensive acts should be prosecuted, for they actually constitute an aggression against Islam and the essence of all religions. Thus, these acts do not fall under the category of freedom of thought or expression.

His Eminence also confirmed that the Scandinavian authorities ought to shoulder their responsibility of preventing the repeated offenses that hurt the feelings and offends millions of Muslims around the world.

His Eminence also received Speaker Hussein Al-Husseini and discussed with him local and regional issues especially the ongoing situation in Iraq and its impact on Lebanon and the region.

The Sayyed also received Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fawzi Salloukh, and the Iraqi MP, Dr. Walid Al-Hulli, who briefed him on the obstacles preventing the formation of the new government.