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Reception of a Kuwaiti university delegation
Fadlullah: Universities should be developed to meet the difficult challenges

His Eminence, the Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah, received a delegation that included a number of Kuwaiti students from the various Kuwaiti universities. They went through the challenges facing Arab and Muslim students and universities, in addition to the means of unifying the Islamic and Arab scientific efforts in the coming phases.

His Eminence pointed out to the necessity of investing the results of the Economic Summit convened in Kuwait, especially with regard to strengthening the relations between the pivotal Arab countries. He confirmed that we know that important Kuwaiti efforts were exerted to that effect and what is required is proceeding with the Arab reconciliation movement, setting the basis for entering into a new phase at the level of Arab-Arab relations.

His Eminence noted that the youth generation in the Arab world is facing huge challenges at the economic, scientific, and specialty levels, emphasizing that it is required from the Arab countries to take care of this generation and work on developing the Arab universities in their systems and methodologies to enter into a competitive movement with the Western universities, since there is no way for a scientific, cultural, economic, and developmental construction away from universities.

His Eminence said: The challenge facing the Arab and Islamic world is not limited to the external offense aiming at fragmenting our countries internally and inflicting disturbance within them as a prelude to invade them on the security level and dominate over their buried resources and vital wealth. However, it is a scientific challenge as well, for we are noticing a wide-range policy of imposing ignorance in which several countries, institutions, and governments take part and through which it is meant for our peoples not to enter the world of scientific creativity and self-manufacturing. We have to consider the attack on Iran and its peaceful nuclear project from this angle, for the arrogant world knows that Iran will not manufacture a nuclear bomb, but they refuse to let it acquire a nuclear experience by its young and persevering staff, because they believe that experience is more dangerous than the atomic bomb, considering that it is the means of industrialization, progress, and self-sufficiency that could be invested at any time.

He also emphasized on the necessity of working on an Arab-Iranian-Turkish understanding at the highest levels to face the next phase in which challenges persist against the nation, to prevent it from entering the phase of actual industrial and economic construction, especially with regard to the financial and economic crisis the world is going through. He called to work on a wide-range Arab-Islamic meeting on the level of universities and Arab and Islamic minds to study how to surpass the negative impacts of the international financial crisis and search for internal elements within our societies to build an Arab-Islamic strategy on the economic level that invests what is taking place internationally in the benefit of our peoples and markets, instead of persisting in the game that renders us one of the victims of the financial crisis.

He added: Kuwait, which was invaded by the former Iraqi dictator, was able to rise again, and it took the path of internal resurgence through its internal unity that refuses any sectarian complications brought up every now and then, because the Arab and Islamic unity is the path that leads to salvation for all our countries and peoples.